Different ways to beat a titan?

Hey guys.

I just thought about the question if we should have to fight a titan to reach the next tier or if there may be other ways and I came to the to the next question: can’t there be different ways to beat the titan?

For example builders could have a possibility to build a giant trap or to build a shrine that tames it. Explorers could find rare herbs to craft a poison or dig up some parts of an artifact which has the purpose to kill the titan. I think there will be many more ideas if we keep thinking about it.

What do you think? :wink:


i think that if you cannot even kill a titan of a tier then you cannot survive in the tier above you, so why should you go? tiers should determine the strengths of the enemy and the top and higher tiers should only be achieveable for those who earns it, i do know its not quite that easy, but its the simple sumup of what i think.


To fight a giant killing machine or to survive a more harsh world and some tougher creatures are two very different pairs of shoes. Of cause it will be hard in the new tier, but to be exploring for weeks with slowly getting better equip and skill as a player should be enough to be able to survive. To fight a titan is cool, but to be able to get past it (on other hard and/or long ways including acting with it) would also be good ;)…

Ps: I also don’t like the idea to go a tier up on a totally different way. But to be able to “triumph” over the titan on more then one way could be a cool option :wink:

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I agree with @TheBirne, players have different playing styles and different tactics should be able to be used against Titans. Titans can have tiered strength but different people have different strengths and weaknesses, especially if progression plays a role on stats or whatnot.

Part of the difference one would face during any given titan battle would be, of course, environmental. Success will depend on teamwork, who is in your team, the physical environment, your equipment, etc.

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Yes, for the team play aspect this different ways should not be “one hit kills” but ways to weaken the titan. The poison can make him slow in activating powers, the artifact weakens it’s damage reduction, the trap can slow it’s movement or even let it be stuck for a short while and the shrine brings it to take a nap so that you can arrange and prepare the battlefield for a minute or two :wink:

On this way the players, even when not the “perfect killing machines” can be a big help as partners while trying to defeat a titan.