I awoke inside of a mountain with two max forged grapples, a half dead totem, and 2 pieces of cooked meat. I fell asleep… I think in my shop? It had been over a year since I had last been in the Boundless universe and I couldn’t remember much. After digging upwards I emerged into what used to be a vast mall of machined metals and shops with “no walls”. It wasn’t there. Just rolling pixelated hills of grand potential. I searched for my “home town”… gone. Checked all my saved beacon locations… all “removed from world”. Friends online? Hmmm… none.

Hi, I’m Khaotik. I enjoy mining and the occasional build that’s just… “way too big dude”. I’m trying to find a place to rebuild my… finances and collections of blocks. I was wondering if there were any active discord channels I could join. I’d like to eventually settle down with a guild, but I want to see who and whats out there first. Anyone have any recommendations? Friendliness is a must, active voice chat a plus.

What’s new guys? I heard people are actually farming now? Anyone have any projects/ things they’re working on? Bring me up to speed. What are the best malls nowadays and who keeps forged hammers in stock? If you’re a part of or know “where its all going down”… let me know, I’d like to be a part of it.

Discord : KhaotikSerenity#9963


This list of guilds from MajorVex might be a great place to get started.

Also as a side tip if you are stuck underground you can go to the sanctum via ESC menu, find the portal that takes you back, and instead of walking through hit E (or w/e if you’re PS4) and choose to “bump” the warp. Keep doing that and it’ll eventually get you above ground.


Hey! TNT was around when you left the game last and we run a fairly popular hub. Consequently our discord has a number of nice cooperative groups accounted for. Feel free to stop on by :smiley:

Also, there are indeed a large number of very friendly guilds out there, you’re gonna have a lot of fun to match that ancient awakening story you got yourself.


Alright an Icon. Any supplies, weapons, hammers, metals are in Iconicsberg. Shout if you need anything @KhaotikSerenity

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Hey, welcome back to the game! I found myself in a similar situation not too long ago, but I must say that rebuilding has been a blast. TNT Megahub has been a huge help for me, easy access to just about everywhere. I’d suggest building up larger and larger bases until you get back to where you were when you left. The new reclaim system makes it very simple to just pack everything up and relocate.


Me? :slight_smile:

I have a few in stock, going to replenish soon. You can find me easy on DK’s mall, if you search for diamond hammers, I have them setup in separate becons, so when you search you know exactly what I am selling.

If you are just (re)starting and are broke, I will be more than happy to help you with some free tools/block/whatever you need.

And yes, TNT is the place to go to go anywhere :slight_smile:

Go tnt hub then nia zed ka and join sunken town lots off room for builds big our small new player support and only friendle people also @almund and @EdWe are crazy miners who live there and I’m sure they love a new mining partner they also run a factory guild with there own mining networks etc

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Wow, incredibly helpful! I love the idea of beacons named with the hammer forges, there really isn’t a much better way to look up forged items. I really appreciate the offer of free stuff, but I think I’m set up enough already… should be able to self sustain w the hammers I have. I will definitely be stopping by to make a purchase or two. Thanks!


Very helpful list! My only downside is a guild advertisement doesn’t really say too much about its members, activity, or current projects. Sure I could pick from a list… but i’d rather find a place I actually fit in with.

Completely agreed and I feel you there. I only posted it to beat others who would look to do the same.


Hey thanks CJ! Where did you decide to rebuild? TNT megahub does seem to be quite something. Trying to learn my way around all over again in the spaghetti pasta of the portal systems! I appreciate the information!

TNT to nia zed eh? I’ll swing by and have a look sometimes. Bit of a crazy miner myself :upside_down_face:

Might not be the case but ill try. If you somehow had gleam club that finished say… a month ago, you might be able to reclaim the blocks you had. Reclaiming was implemented in a recent update.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Luckily, before I left I donated everything I had… so I guess nothing was really “wasted” except the builds I had. There’s something kind of nice about coming back and (with the exception of +100m experience and +1000 hours logged) starting fresh again. I was bummed out at first… to find everything I knew gone… but then… that’s how this game goes. Your gameplay and experience is really what you make of it. :heart:


At first I built a few bases on Angel I to put some storage down and start getting advanced coils for my machines. My latest base is in Biitula because of the central location, no atmosphere protection, and an excellent hub in the local Portal Seekers. I’m currently building a store so I wanted to be able to make affordable portals to a variety of places. The blinksec distances, and number of conduits for a portal, are pretty complex but this spreadsheet helped with it a ton. If you’re looking for other references there’s a good list of links here. As for navigating the networks, its sometimes tough to get around since there are so many independent networks that don’t necessarily coordinate but I tend to start with TNT and Portal Seekers since I’m in the US. TNT is pretty straightforward and there’s a map for the PS network.

i can recommend Sunken Town, it has some major chill factor going on. as well as a well organized area with plenty of land to utilize, joined up with them after a year long break myself and have been quite happy. @the-moebius is a hard core slave driver with a few Oorts loose, :wink: but its fun times.

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what ya doing on the forum you need finish ya base and then back to the oortmines hahahahah