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  • Your main location

  • Your founder/managers/officers/hunt leaders

  • Your main access portal location(s)

  • Any relevant website links, discord links, etc.

  • Any important details (ie: if accepting new members, membership dues, guild buffs, hunt info, approx # of members, main region/language, etc.)

  • Your logo or Glyph if available


AXON (part of the TDC and SPQR)

Located on Biitula

Motto : “Axon is Biitula, Biitula is Home!”


Axon city gate portal seekers biitula



Guild name: the Dancing Sasquatches.

Our main settlement is Sasquatchville, located on Alder.

Founders/Managers are @Lesioui (Elsioui in game) and myself (@PrincessMaude).

We are accessible through:

  • TNT Megahub, we are the host of the Alder portal, so if you take the portal to Alder it will bring you right to us.
  • PS Biitula, we have a portal at the city level of the hub, labelled Sasquatchville.
  • Ultima hub, we have a portal at the US East hub, right behind the portal that leads to the Alder hub.
  • PS Alder, a portal there is labelled Princess Maude, it will bring you to our hub.
  • The Hive
  • Naughty Lodge
  • and many many smaller portals to different planets and settlements.

We are quite easy to find on discord. But here’s a link: Discord

We are always accepting new players and I try to make sure we always have room in our Guild book for new people.

We have the same 3 guild buffs going which are:
-Builder’s buff MEGA – 50% increase to chisel durability and 50% increase in block placement speed
-Grapple and run MEGA – run speed increased by 0.6m/s and grapple length increased by 25m
-Spark and wear SUPER – spark requirements and wear reduced by 30% in a guild aligned beacon
We renew them every Saturday at around 8:15 pm EST.
We have members from all around and most of them speak English. Though I must say here that Elsioui and myself are US East and our first language is French. But we do pretty well in English I think XD.
As for our logo/glyph here it is. Though we have some animated in LEDs in town if you want to come see the real Dancing Sasquatches!



I geuss i can post the forum topic we made. but i better can sum it up:

website: http://www.portal-seekers.com/

Discord: Portal Seekers
Best way to contact us is true discord. you join there and ping an @Elder with the queestion or discussion point.

main forum post that has a summary: ** IMPORTANT ** Portal Seekers Shopping Hub Changes

You can find our hubs and our guild city on this map: https://www.boundless-maps.com/


Exo Shuttle Guild

•Main station on Tana VII, by Legendville Mall. Secondary station on Biitula above the Hunt Hive.

•Officers are me, RedY3, DKPuncherello, Cuetzpalomitl, Soju-VB, pajew, Apt, Dante

•Legendville Mall portals and Hunt Hive ones will put you near to us.

•This thread may be best resource - Exo Shuttle Station - Free Rides to Exos!

•Open to all, even if you don’t join, resources can be used by any. :slight_smile: I tend to post my own exo taxis (free rides to exos) in the community chat now. Atlases and location tokens are the other big services. Ask for taxis, exo questions, whatever you need, we’re happy to try to help!

•We need a logo, may update this! :wink: Edit: Thank you to @RedY3 and @Cuetzpalomitl and all the team - we have one now! :smiley:



*Guild name XAFRANT Crymoar
*Location Xa Frant
*Founders HOST,Conkuur
*Main Access Xa frant the future hub
*Sites http://playboundless.online
(another domain added in few hrs)
*Important details: Open to Xa Frant people only
*my logo’s banners



  • Location: Eresho -

  • Founder: @Hashmalash;
    Leaders: @Kralith, @cassidy, @Huntsman, @FabianKern aka Lapis, @JaceyLive

  • Main access points: Every single planet via Ultima Network Gate, also main gate to our HQ via Portal Seekers gate on Grovidias Te planet, via TNT Network Hub on Circarpous I, and from many many shops, shopping hubs and hell more other places too :wink:

  • Our discord: Ultima Guild

  • We are accepting new members always :wink:
    Fresh player friendly guild,
    3 guild buffs every week,
    Main language English, German and Polish,
    Approx 390 members registered, but obviously not that many playing daily sadly :frowning:

You are more then welcome to join us! :smiley:





Not sure if we count but here goes nothing xD :

Guild: “The GamingFlat”
Base: Sochaltin I - World Atlas Kyoto (Coordinates -2,008N -819E)
Founders: Turakae & Jakog7
Where to find: You find us via Ultima Hub. Our Portal is in the Beacon with the red and blue tree with a moon in the middle (right before the DK ultima tree). Unfortunately the beacon has no name at the moment.

We are only 2 citizens :slight_smile: but we are here since the alpha/beta so we are rather active. We have a botanical garden (rather proud of it) with most plants and where to find them (including some trivia :slight_smile: as well as a library with blocks of all 50 active planets recorded (entry free of charge).

New people are of course always welcome to join us and we are happy to provide any help. As we are only two we dont really have fixed events as most stuff is rather spontanious :slight_smile:

After probably 6 or so years of OortOnline and later Boundless we never got to making a Logo xD


The Joker Farm
Alder 252N 2038E Altitude 66
Founder: Jokerfarm1. Executive: IchikaOrimura
Main portal to our hub next to the guild is accessible through TNT megahub. Also thru the portal in back of the joker farm shop on the North side of Gyosha Mall.
Discord channel is https://discord.gg/mpeGpjX
Accepting new members
We are a small guild of friends that have all our characters in it that makes it look big but there is roughly about 5 to 6 players. Willing to make friends and grow as a community to help others. We even accept new players.


Guild name: Shinra

Our main settlement is New Midgar, located on Serpensarindi.

Founders/Managers are @JDGroat and Ghostface

We are accessible through:

  • TNT Megahub, we have a portal in the mall section. There is also a portal from TNT serpensarindi hub and it will bring you right to us.
  • PS serpensarindi, we have a portal labelled New Midgar.
  • Ultima serpensarindi hub brings you straight to our shopping district.
  • Rocket or Lotus Knights have serpensarindi hub leads to our market.
  • The Hive, Icon serpensarindi
  • Naughty Lodge has portal labeled New Midgar

**Our discord. C.⭕.R.E.

We are always looking for new members and currently run a nightly hunt 8:30pst where at the end prize giveaways happen. Just held our first Dodge Bombs tournament in our Shinra arena. Anyone can come practice and there are official bombs for sell on site. The city is divided into sectors so far Market, Sky Scraper, Slums, millionaire way, and a factory sector that’s coming soon. Very friendly and active in discord.



Main location : Sin City capital of Sochaltin I

Founders : Guiguefluk , Draide , Ziif (Ziiffkah)
Hunt leaders : Guiguefluk , Draide , Ziif (Ziiffkah)

Main acces portal : tnt megahub , dk mall eresho , river town arie , gyosha mall , hunt lodge circapouss , ps gateway.

Details : The guild is OPEN , language FR/EN ( guild FR ) , guild buff all the time , hunt inc ( the American hunting schedules are too far out of date for us French for example , that’s why we are preparing a hunting project ).



Guild Name: Stars Hollow United, SHPR

We are based on Tana, our settlement is Stars Hollow United, or Stars Hollow/ Purple rain, we own an island.

Founder/Leader: @digbycceasar
Managers: @Lancelotz

Portals to city:
PS, bitula
Guardian Hub
DK mall

Purple rain is a settlement that was merged to our own settlement.

Discord: Discord

We are a small casual guild, we are looking for members, our policy is to accept anyone into the guild for now, our leader tries to help out new players when ever he encounters one in the wild, we are building our way to take over tana, but as of now we are rank 2 on tana, and we are slowly growing.

If anyone would like to live or build in SH/PR, pm @BloodRaven56, he will help you out.



iLLumiNaughty Guild is located in iLLumiNaughty City, the capital of Trior, in the US East Region. Our city was founded when the game launched on PS4.

Founder/Leader Ginabean
Co-Leader Lorelie
Officer Ganj

You can find us via:
TNT Trior Planetary Portal
USE Ultima Trior Portal
HSE Kindred Bay
Naughty Hunt Lodge
Gyosha Mall
The Withches Brew Eresho
Naughty Mall Lobby
PS Biitula City Portal

Our man guild offers Max Grapple and Run, Builders Buff, and Builder Safety. Our crafting Faction offers Max Grapple and Run, Spark and Wear, and Bonus Consumables Buffs.

Buffs reset each Friday.

We host daily hunts Monday-Saturday at 4 PM UTC/Noon EST. We hunt for two hours on Beseverona. We do both running and Platform hunts. we have several hunt leaders and are always always looking for more. If you would like to train to be a hunt leader, reach out on discord.

We do not require donations, however we appreciate any help we can get. We welcome both new and veteran players. All members have access to a guild workshop to help newer players climb the gem wall and craft things before they have their own machines and coils. We also Offer access to a fully coiled Chrysominter, located in our Bank.

Our guild runs pretty full. I will remove members who do not play for several weeks in order to make room for new members. If you get kicked for inactivity and return, you are welcome to rejoin. We also reserve the right to remove members for griefing/trolling.



Guild: DKMall
Location: DKMall (Tana)
Accessible from DKTree(TNT Eresho), TNT Tana, PS Biitula, and most other places in the Boundless universe!
Accepting members and shops! Free to join the guild; I pay you 25k once you build and stock a shop! Tons of space in the guild, I don’t kick people and I have buffs :blush:


TNT, The Nixian Trust

Main Location: The TNT Megahub on Circapous

What we do: TNT manages and operates the largest single-planet hub in the game. From the TNT Megahub, you are only 1 step away from every single t1 through t4 planet!


  • MrNix
  • BruceBanner
  • Uniek
  • XxymoxX
  • kaosmstress1
  • Chaosmkr
  • Mayumichi
  • Trip
  • HastyChester
  • RavenTwoSpirit

How to get there: We have a monolith portal on every single planet, marked TNT Megahub. We are also connected to a multitude of major and minor malls, hubs and personal bases. You’ll have a hard time NOT finding us!

Discord: https://discord.gg/hQkzQMf


located at The Colony on Kada I
led by @decuire @Rumplypigskin @Aragorn @Xyxeron and myself
portal in our mini hub on Circapous, accessible through tnt (two levels directly above the Angel portal) and PS Boori (through Boori Marrah city portal then Circapous portal)
our Discord server (be sure to read…)


Aussie Hunters

Located on the beautiful planet of Lasaina in the city of Sydney

Founded by Xaviien, DrCyanide, Greenheart, Econodog and myself.

Always looking for new members! Even if ya don’t hunt we still love having people to talk and build with. Currently working on getting the Sydney Opera House built!



Guild Name: SAGE GrimoireHeart

Founder: Amaterasu
Leaders: Amaterasu, RavenLovegood, EvanBloodAxe.

Main Access: Hunt Hive—>SAGE Grimora. (Currently moving main hub from Japanito on Kada I and collaborating on Ceph.)

Discord: [SAGE] Grimoire Heart



GlitchWorld Guild

  • Your main location: Refgar
  • Your founder/managers/officers/hunt leaders:
    Guild Owner: NonieThePup
    Founders: NonieThePup, Wrecker, Greaser, Alfredpennyworth, FrostedBox, Mindcandy5
    Current District Leaders: NonieThePup (Silver), Inkyfox (Blue), AlfredPennyworth (Orange), Wrecker (Purple/Center), Greaser (Red/Lil Asia), SilentUnion (Green)
    Current District Managers: Soupy-Sails, Solei, FrostedBox, Mindcandy5, Dazed
  • Your main access portal location(s)
    Ultima Hub - Planet Portal for Refgar
    TNT Mega Hub - Planet portal for Refgar
    Dk Mall - Eresho
    Icon Hunt Hive
    Iconic Mall
    Illuminutty Naughty Hunt Lodge
    Code Gleam - Xa Frant
    Boogie’s Shop {Finata]
    TacoLand - Gellis
    Portal Seekers Shopping Hub - Lamblis
    SMX Hub - Lorien Sochaltin I
    Spitcup Hub - Arie
    LaFamilia - Niia Zed Ka
    Bran Castle - Imoco
    TARDIS - Sorissi [Near HSE]
    Wolfcreek Tavern - Dzassak
  • Any relevant website links, discord links, etc.
    Discord: Glitch World
  • Any important details (ie: if accepting new members, membership dues, guild buffs, hunt info, approx # of members, main region/language, etc.)
    Number of members in guild: 179/184
    **Normal Guild Buffs:
    Level 2 Lava Protection
    Level 2 Grapple and Run
    Level 2 Builders Buff
    ---- Crafters/alt buffs is still leveling up so we can buy those as well. The primary guild is only with buffs atm.

Leadership is mostly from the US, however we have a mix of EU and US E/W members through the guild and across various timezones. Most people play in the evenings for US East. [Hence why I am posting this at 3:38AM US. East]

Primary Language: English [With some Spanish, German and French]

We typically attend the 8:30PM EST and 11:30PM EST Hunts as a guild for guild oort for portals. but if others are available during the day we try to attend those as well. Supporting the community in whole.

  • Your logo or Glyph if available