** IMPORTANT ** Portal Seekers Shopping Hub Changes

Website: http://www.portalseekers.com

Welcome all citizens of Boundless, we have finally made it happen. At this moment we have set up portals to 50 planets!

Event / hunt Calendar Link

Now you need to be careful and add a location marker so you can warp back. Don’t go in to the tier 4 and up planets unless you have the protection for that planet. See the map below for the protections you need.

Portal Layout (50 planets)

Trung [tier 2] and Dzassak [Tier 1] are accesable true the Xa Frant Hub!

Universe layout (50 planets)

Network Video thanks be @Jiivita


New Portal Seeker Hub Layout | Boundless v217 - YouTube

In-Game Guild Buffs

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To receive a guild buff, you must have the guild set as your primary guild when the buff is activated. Changing your primary guild will cause the buff to drop from your character. Buffs last one week. We activate our helixes at 00:00 UTC Saturday morning each week.

The buffs you will receive from Portal Seekers are as follows. All buffs we activate will be the highest tier available.

Main Portal Seekers Guild Buffs

  • Slot 1 - Defeat Insurance Helix: Provides the guild with a reduction in the defeat denalty when defeated.
  • Slot 2 - Grapple and Run Helix: Improves run speed and grapple distance for guild members.
  • Slot 3 - Lava Protection Helix: Gives guild members some resistance to lava damage.

Portal Seekers Builder Faction

  • Slot 1 - Inherited from main guild
  • Slot 2 - Inherited from main guild
  • Slot 3 - Builder’s Buff Helix: Increases chisel durability and block placement speed for guild members.

To join a guild or faction, you press ‘e’ (PC) or ‘square’ (PS4) on the guild control you want (looks like an open book) and click the join button. The guild controls for both the main guild and the faction will be located in the lobby of the Portal Seekers guild-hall, which is accessible from the Portal Seekers Grovidias Te gateway.

Portal Seekers Info!

Portal Seekers Discord: Portal Seekers
Website: http://www.portalseekers.com
Network and worldmaps: www.boundless-maps.com

Shopping Hub & Gateway Guidelines :

It is your responsibility to keep the portal fueled. When it runs out of fuels it’s okay for anyone to claim that portal. That is why the shop stands will stay there with all tokens in them.

When you have set up a portal to the Shopping Hub, and it follows the rules, then send a message on Discord.

If your portal does not fall within the guidelines, you will have 72 hours after it has been reviewed to bring your portal in-line. If you fail to do so, your portal could be closed, and spot lost to another player.

Player & City Portal Guidelines

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  1. Player portals are made to be planet specific. Player portals are not to be used to get to another planet, That is what the main gateway portals are for. The Portal will also only be labeled with the Players name, not the name of City or Shop.

  2. City portals are available, by request, to the Top 5 Player cities on each planet.

Shop Portal Guidelines :

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  1. The Portals in the Shopping rings are only for shops! The Portal needs to be within 12 blocks of the shop, preferably directly in front of the portal. If the player would have to look around or not have immediate indication on how to find the shopping area, the portal will not pass this guideline.

  2. The portal size shall not exceed a total conduit count of 4. If there is not a suitable portal available to match your needs within that limit, please contact us to have one created or modified for you.

  3. You are only allowed to have a shopping portal to ONE Portal Seeker’s shopping hub. If you have a duplicate portal setup to a separate Portal Seeker’s Shopping hub, both portals will be marked as not following the guidelines.

  4. ​Portal should connect directly to the shop, not via a transfer station. There should not be another portal directly in front of the Shopping Hub portal. There can be other portals in the vicinity of the Shopping Hub Portal as long as it’s not directly interfering between the Shopping hub portal and the Shopping area.

  5. You must put up a sign on your side above or beside the portal that leads to the shopping Hub that indicates that it goes to a Portal Seeker’s Shopping Hub. This is what we would prefer it to read:
    - Portal Seeker -
    - Shopping Hub -

  6. You are responsible for keeping your own shop active and stocked, if the shop goes inactive more than 2 weeks the portal will be closed.

Gateway Coordinates

When you try to get to the PS hub!

Click to expand The List
Gateway North East Altitude
Boori -620 -140 124
Biitula 708 412 84
Cephonex Merika -349 -2044 75
Gloviathosa 1804 -788 76
Grovidias Te -1260 -1220 84
Gyosha Ophin -308 1972 76
Imdaari 1100 -1580 100
Lamblis -1364 -1524 68
Xa Frant -172 2276 84
Alcyon 2004 -244 84
Alder 1732 332 68
Alnitans -1660 932 76
Angel I -540 -1308 68
Antar VII 2284 532 69
Arie -844 916 68
Beckon -2220 532 76
Besevrona -1012 -2076 84
Cardass 1636 2140 76
Circarpous I 1332 332 92
Delta Cancret -1356 372 76
Eresho 1380 -1268 84
Finata 236 -940 68
Flan 1861 -1217 68
Galan 420 -1180 65
Gellis 140 -1380 68
Houchus I 1644 508 76
Imoco 1788 1020 84
Kada I 60 1324 80
Kol Huroo 692 940 57
Lasaina -292 428 70
Lutrion 1236 -1460 76
Malurialakrib -284 1540 75
Maryx 188 -268 68
Minorengle 1124 1796 68
Niia Zed Ka -1244 1628 84
Norkyna -548 284 73
Pheminorum -1180 412 67
Raxxa 1548 -523 76
Refgar -2244 692 108
Seginiakai 1116 972 132
Serpensarindi -1219 2188 76
Shedu Tier 211 -1492 72
Sochaltin I 1524 980 84
Sorissi -12 -1156 68
Storis II 1603 1156 68
Tana VII -180 -500 76
Till 2036 1380 148
Trior 1348 1044 68
Trung 1180 1826 65
Dzassak 780 1036 64

Farm Locations

Feel free to use one of the Portal Seekers farms :slight_smile: Gleam, Muds all kind of stuff.
They are located on the main platform of the hubs. Close to the Gateways portals.

Click to expand Material Farms

Ash – Sorissi
Clay – Seginiakai
Corruption – Alcyon
Exotic Yam(UnderConstruction) – Shedu Tier
Mud – Sorissi
Peat – Seginiakai
Shimmering Orbs – Shedu Tier

Click to expand Gleam Farms

Ashen Berry – Alder

Bright Blue – Flan
Bright Magenta – Shedu Tier
Cool Azure – Niia Zed Ka
Cool Blue – Kada I
Cold Tan – Kol Huroo
Cold Teal – Norkyna
Dark Orange – Gloviathosa
Hot Magenta – Cicarpous I
Light Lilac – Alcyon
Light Red – Grovidias Te
Light Tan – Galan
Light Yellow – Besevrona
Oxide Violet – Maryx
Pale Lilac – Till
Pale Sepia – Gyosha Ophin
Silk Mint – Lamblis
Silk Teal – Cardass
Silk Turquoise – Xa Frant & Delta Cancret
Silk Yellow – Serpensarindi
Stale Cerulean – Cephonex Merika
Stale Moss – Malurialakrib
Stark Orange – Boori
Stale Turquoise – Imdaari
Stark Yellow – Alnitans
Weary Violet – Antar VI
White – Houchus I


Awesome! clicks the link


Yes please! I would love to join! :smiley:


We would like more players fom EU to join to :slight_smile: one part of the guild is all about hunting and we need players from all servers to get more huns in diffrent time zones.

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Hey all!

for the people who joined the guild! WELCOME :slight_smile:we are happy with the new friends we are making and the projects where we work on together.

talking about projects. I hope of you all already saw the new Gateways (portal network) we are building . we are happy to say that we are almost ready with the gateways at therka, vulpto, Nasharin. but keep calm, we try to finish it as quick as we can!


** UPDATED * Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment


If you like hunting and want to become a pro hunter join us! we do daily guild events some times sevral times a day


updated the links to the huting schedule, now works again!
(updated, now works again)
PST https://goo.gl/mSynHB
CST https://goo.gl/s91tVa
EST https://goo.gl/HFvAdA
GMT https://goo.gl/79JjUf
CET https://goo.gl/862Djn


I love your gateways! I was exploring the portal system and kept getting lost, but then I tried the Portal Seekers Gateway and it is so well organized and easy to travel! Thank you so much for making an organized system. When I am advanced enough to have a portal I will seek you out to add it to your system.


@virresss I saw that the capital of Solum has changed to Aquapolis. How does this affect the portal network? Do we move the Pixel Gate connection to the city room and build a connection to Aquapolis? I don’t suppose this happens often, but will the changing capitals cause difficulties for the capital city portal, or is this something that can be easily changed and maintained? I don’t know very much about portals, but if this is a problem to keep changing the portal connection for the capital, what if we kept all the city portals in the city area, and then instead of moving the portal for the capital city we just move the frame and signage around the capital city portal in the city room. Is that something that would work?

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yeah we might have to think about it.

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@virresss @SePras What do you think about this mock up for showing off the Portal Seekers Gateway, and info to help guide travelers to their destination?


@Sharkysaur its awsome! can you please linkit on discord for the other members to see :slight_smile:

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Aquatopia :wink:


yeah i can fix it now if you are online?

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Tonight i will try find a nice central spot for when you wonna link aqua also theres a road passing half the planet for builds that need to be able to expand in the futur

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Sounds Grate!

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join us in the hunts!


Epsilo Hub is almost complete! Mwahaha ha cough
I’m working on crafting more portal conduits… It may be awhile. Having trouble fueling all that spark, but it will get there.

Also need to finish signage, put up plinths for the player portals, and build 2 more exits.
Can someone double check my signs that the info is accurate and that you can read the hidden info by pressing e on the 2 signs that say you can. Just need to know that they work.