Newbie Questions - Pushing into T4/5


Heya, couple new players here trying to get into the game, we’re currently holed up on Grovidias Te around level 20. Trying to get into T4+ worlds and I had a few questions: Obviously we’ve heard the stories, and want to mine for big kid gems, how do we get through these higher worlds for mining? Which protection skill do we need for the t4 and t5 worlds, can you get through t6 solely with protection from skills or do we need food shielding items? Trying to get into this centraforge as well but don’t know where to get most of the resources for it, thoughts?


A good way to get started, or at least something that worked for me, is to get three points in volatile protection and head to Serpensarindi. From Grovidias Te the portals are Boori > Delta Cancret > Till > Serpensarindi. Note that Till has a different type of atmosphere so you won’t be able to see anything but if you go straight ahead in the portal hub you can get through the world even with the visibility reduction. Then in Serp, bring a warp augment or three and try to find a landing site on top of a mountain. Based on this (Depths of materials?) you need to be 70+ meters from the surface so try to find a mountain at least 90+ meters high for a bit of buffer above the lava (use the places menu to see your current location’s altitude) and dig straight down. Also, I’ve heard that using an atlas to find hard coal is a good way to find diamonds too. Good luck!


Definitely start on Serp you’ll need diamonds to craft power coils for your workbench first. Diamonds spawn between altitudes 5-50 under mountains most commonly around altitudes 20 which fortunately is above the lava line.


From what i heard and teied, diamonds are easiest to find at attitude 0-20. Its plenty od Hard Coal there aswell. I just picked up items with me to create an atlas and put first found diamond into it. Before it was easiest to farm with bombs but now i prefer hammers


Portals? I’ve been getting around by warp augmenting and sanctum-home beacon to return, what’s this about portals?


Head to the golden dot on the compass and look for purple icons with a rectangle in them. These are portals between worlds (or between points on the same world). The Portal Seekers guild has created a portal network you can use for free to travel between all the worlds much easier and cheaper than with warp augmenting.


That’s available on all worlds? Also how can we join a guild? There’s 2 of us.

Completely off topic - any ideas on how to start centraforging? Do I need a dedicated crafter for it or can any old character do the trick? It needs plant materials from higher worlds to start from what I can tell or am I crazy? Trying to get a cool kid hammer


You don’t actually have to be a part of their guild to use the portals, they’re free to use by anyone and they make quite a bit of coin from it anyways due to the footfall mechanic. I’d suggest going to the portal hub on your world, usually the capital city, and using it to travel to other worlds. This thread shows how the planets are connected and which portals to take: ** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment