Merika gone now?


Suggestion to portal seekers.

as a daily traveler on your system, (thnx by the way) I notice it’s a nightmare to figure out where the heck the planets I want to go to, are in your system. As you guys constantly move portals around, I suggest large signs above the portal with the names of all the planet portals through them. You guys are doing it sorta. And probably will be on it more as you keep adding the planets and stuff.

But a little more idiot proofing is needed. At lease for the main planet portals and what lies beyond. I’m finding that when I actually get to a planet I was trying to get at, it was by accident.



They say he is still in the portal hub system to this day…looking for Septerfon…


I mean I hear you but listing all 42 planets on every gateway isn’t really viable. Once you are familiar with the main ring, I think you can find all the planets from the signs on the ring planets.

The ring should have a sand path all the way around it (not sure if it’s quite done yet but it will be).

I might need to add a couple planet names to the signs on T4+ planets but you don’t have to wonder much there to find your way.


Ultima Aqua hub lists planets per area I think. I thought it was super nice and clean/easy to read.


I mean we have a map… it’s easy enough to look at


And where in-game is the map?


Unfortunately there is no way to really have the map in game, but you can always find the most up to date map in the portal seekers thread here: ** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment


Don’t need a map if you go to the Ultima Hub. It’s listed right there for you. Even separates them by server regions. Portal hopping through The Portal Seekers hubs is like walking through a maze with a blind fold on. I shouldn’t have to print out or have an window open for a planet map. Just sayin.


To each their own, luckily there are different networks with different design philosophies so you can always find one that works for you.

Also I beleive they switched their names to Aquarius Network now.


And you’re totally welcome not to use the free service they built and maintain for the players, along with all the shop portals, hubs and signage that they keep maintained and up to date. Just sayin.


I don’t, thats why I said I use Ultima. Get over it. They are completely disorganized. And after reading want they require to be in the PS guild, I’m glad I stopped giving them footfall.


I’m curious what you mean by this. I assume it should be “what” not “want”, but I’d like to understand any reason that dissuades people’s use, if you could do me that favor to help me understand.

But I have no problem with anyone using other hubs =D.


Nope, that would be a WANT. I’ve read their stipulations on becoming one with them. I refuse and so should everyone else to hand over ALL their coin, items and equipment to the “greater good” as I call it. For someone to require that just to join a guild/group is ridiculous. Sorry but I know exactly how that group operates. No thank you. Sorry but not sorry.


Dude… that’s all completely wrong info and you’re still welcome to join and not own a gateway. Essentially if you don’t own a gateway you don’t report to Elders and Vets and can do whatever, whenever, and help when you can. If you can’t ever help though, I’m not sure I would want you in the same guild as me. If you could tell us where you got that info, it could be addressed


Ok then yea I miss read that and I’m sorry. I was like, what? They want what to be a part of them? I don’t mind helping, just not handing over all your possessions.


I read that in the Portal Seeker discord last week.


For some clarity:

What you are referring to has to do with gateway ownership. Gateways are run on donated plots and if you choose to donate your plots to run a gateway there are some requirements. Most notably all the footfall generated from the gateway beacon goes to the guild bank to support the network and run community events. There are some other requirements for permissions on that beacon as well as requirements for standardization or building materials and such.

Being a gateway owner is entirely optional and different than just joining up to help out or be part of our community. We happily accept anyone regardless of the time commitments they can make or resources they’d like to donate to the network.


Yeah I got you. Glad that was cleared up x)


The reason for this is because we want gateway owners who are interested in helping the community, not people who are just in it for footfall and do a bad job. We take the selfishness out of the equation and host community events. None of this money is going into anyone’s pocket. Any spending is voted for in the public guild meetings.

Nobody is ever required to hand over any items or materials or coin outside of that.

Sorry for this misunderstanding, thank for bringing it to our attention =D


Yea, I completely understand that. My guild is the same way. We try to weed out the footfall junkies that only want plots for football and not to build.