How to craft Lanterns (non-gleam) What skills do I need to make them?

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I know the materials as they are listed on the crafting site. But what do I need to get to unlock the recipe from whatever machine makes it? Where do I need to put my skill points? I just want to light up my home haha.

Thanks :smiley:


Here is a list which skill gives you what recipy: … the site is also great for skilling (and for searching all needed mats and skills as well if you have the time to search through the data there ^^)

here the entry for lanterns on boundlesscrafting :

you need a rafinery and deco 2 as a skill. Glass and a torch (the torch you make in a workbench, the glass in the furnace with silty soil and sand, spark generated in a spark generator connected with the machine)


Thanks I found that lantern page earlier, have decoration 2, I will have to double check if I have the refinery. I thought I did.


I think it was one of the first machines for which you need mats that are common on tier 3 worlds. Think it were ancient tech components which are not found on starter worlds. Look for mountains and dig into them, because those tech stuff is always easier to find in higher altitudes, but still in solid rock :wink:


What counts as a tier 3 world? How does one tell what tier they are?


tier 3 are the first more dangerous planets if you leave the starting worlds … look at the map in the first post of this thread: ** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment … it shows the potal network of the PS guild, so you can use it to travel to them without the need of costy warps :wink: