New planet chart?


Ever since the new planets came out, I have been trying to figure out the blinksec cosmology order-of-the-planets deal. Not enough portals are up to figure it out on my own, has anyone been able to figure it out? How does the new tiering system work?


There’s a good one here…

I really liked the graphic heavy one but I can’t find it via search.

Edit: This one has a nice layout but it needs updated (I’m sure it will be soon) :slight_smile:


The fancy graphical map has just been updated on that thread now.


Thank you kindly :slight_smile:


Here’s the new map as a visual:


Oh my god. They added Tier 5 planets? :wink:


The above is the Portal Seekers layout, but it has some extra info on it. For blinksecs you’re probably looking for the below images. All these images (above and below) are pinned in #questions on the official discord.



Sweet! I’ve added a link to this post on my planets page.