1x3 portal but need six blocks?


Sorry, Im actually not understanding this.

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I bet portal shape refers to the portal structure when you made the token, but you needed at least a 2x3 or 1x6 to reach the distance.

Don’t quote me on that tho…


Thats what I did intially until I came across the portal shape detail. Thats when I was like “whaaa?”. And here I am now xD. Anything beyond the 1x3 will just give a portal shape incompatible error. And sdding blocks will just eject token and shards


Let me try to help you. First, going to link to a post with a useful picture, then display the Picture so it can help, and gives the creator Credit.

The second picture in this post is what you want first:

If you’re trying to open a portal to another planet, this is useful. Looking at your Screenshot, I can see you’re on Cep Merika, and trying to open a portal to Till.

Look at the picture above, and you’ll see a Line going from Delta Cancret to Cep Merika with the Number 6, then a line from Delta Cancret to Till with the Number 4.

This means opening a portal from Cep Merika to Till, will be both Numbers Combined, 10. What do those number means? They are Blinksecs. To create a portal, you’ll have to follow the lines, and add all the Blinksec numbers between them.

Now then, now that you know the Blinksec Distance between the two places, you need another Picture. A very useful one Portal Seekers have in their Discord, but not in their post for some reason. (You should know this before buying the Token which when you put in tells you the Distance too, to advoid the situation you are in right now.)

This is the Second Picture:

This picture, as shown at the top, lists the different Blinksec Distances, and how many Conduits it needs at the minimum, and How much it will both cost to open the portal, and how many shards it will eat up per hour.

Note, How many shards eaten per hour is based on the SIZE of the portal, and not the DISTANCE of the portal. Try to have the smallest possible size to save shards.

Now, lets look at your situation. You’re trying to open a portal 10 Blinksecs away. So you need at least 6 Conduits.

When you got that Portal Token, you went and bought it from a 1x3 Portal I’m guessing. Sorry, but you bought the wrong kind. Knowing now you need 6 Conduits Minimum. You’ll need to find a 2x3, or 1x6, Portal, and buy/get the Token from that to use it.

Also note, both Portals have to be the same size and shape. Can’t stick a 1x6 portal token into a 2x3 portal, even if both have the same number of Conduits.

Another question: portals what is the cost of running one?

for the distance you’re trying to travel it’s telling you that the minimum size of your portal has to be 6 blocks but that means that both portals on both sides have to be six blocks and they have to be the same shape the problem you’re running into is that you need both portals on each side to be either a 1 by 6 or a 2 by 3 at minimum


Also what jiro said above LOL that’s basically the math and details behind what I just said better explained


Excellent info Jiro!


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Lmao I get it now. So I have to make the portal 2x3 first to get the 2x3 token then?


Im traversing now. Thank you much for all the info Jirodyne!


No problem, and yup.

You need to first, know the Distance in Blinksecs, the first picture helps find that info, then using the second picture find how many conduits it needs at minimum.

From there, you know what kinda Portal sizes you need to keep an eye out for, and when you find one selling a token, or you make one yourself from a portal you set up there, you go back home and make a portal the same size and shape to put the token into.

The second picture is also very useful for how many shards it will cost to both open the portal, and maintain it per hour.

For your situation, if you use a 1x6 or 2x6 portal, it will cost you 200 shards to open, and 4 shards per hour.

To put that into Perspective, every 18 Rough Oortstone you Mass Craft and get 250 Shards from, will fund the portal for 62 hours, or 2 and a half days. And that’s for each Mass Craft. So hope you like Farming Meteors every 2 days, or got lots of money to buy lots of Rough Oortstones lol


Been stackin the shards in hopes of actually using em and todays the day finally lolol. Definitely keepin eyes peeled out now. Thanks again :smiley:


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