A TRUE new start....?


So they had access a few weeks prior to release? So it isnt new then – they had a few week head start?


On this point you are wrong.

  1. Anyone can build and amass people/prestige and become a city.
  2. Things change, people leave, towns disappear.
  3. New planets with new players.
  4. More hubs always good, if you can afford the running cost! :slight_smile:


Well they were new then, but yes a select group of players that have been playing the game and helping build it (sometimes for years, not me but others) got to build whilst testing the new worlds/universe. Then the launch. So there was a headstart, sort of, and it was mainly experienced players so I guess things go up faster than you might expect.

Counterpoint: one of the things that blew my mind when I first started about six updates ago was the builds already there and the ability to portal around using established hubs. Perhaps without it I wouldn’t have stayed. You like potato, I like pohtahtoh. :slight_smile:


The current set of worlds and builds have had roughly 3 weeks so far - it’s impressive what the community has done in so little time already!


Portal seekers pretty much had portals on day 3 or something crazy.


Offtopic, is there a map of all the worlds/servers?

I am trying to find this place called “Lambris” since it has a green gleam I want.


two maps in the OP here


Blood sweat tears, sleepless nights and taking time off work for some players. I didn’t invest as much time as my guild mates, but I’m proud of their hard work and dedication.

Even though there are huge cities being established on the surface, they are tiny compared to the size of the planets and the vast wildernesses.


I see the map, but I dont understand.

My base is on Cephonex Merika.

How do I get to Lamblis to get the green gleam?


You’d be surprised. Small hubs to valuable locations can become very popular if done right! Before the wipe there were half a dozen or more successful portal networks/hubs. True they all go to the same places but people build communities and hang out in groups. Anyone can work to set something like this up for their own group!

Although people may use the popular gateways as a backup, in the past people have demonstrated that they prefer shortcuts. People may dip in and out of a shop through a different portal to get to the location they want to quickly.


Very little of the world’s are covered by cities. You can easily make portals linking to hubs and start bringing foot traffic to your part of the universe. I just started 5 days ago and got my portal and shop set up over this weekend.

You can quite easily get up to speed with some time played. Or you could even join an existing city.


Do you see a purple icon on your compass? Those are portals.

You can also make warp augments and create a location on a planet in the sky with your totem, then warp to that location from sanctum.


So I can look in the sky and see all planets from my plant?


If anyone is in game could you drop the captain America portal hub coordinates?


yes you should be able to see some nearby planets. some more may be below the horizon too. warp cost in coins depends on blinksec distance (second map in that previous link). so further planets are more expensive to warp to.

It only costs 100c to warp to a location on-planet. So it’s cheaper to find someone else’s portal and use that.


Trust me man, if those portals were not already set up, I’d still be crawling on my belly. I’m on ps4 and wasnt in the Ea.

When I heard people got a few weeks head start I was a little discouraged too. But honestly after actually really playing and putting in some hard hours, I’d say the dev’s made the right call on it.

Dont worry about who captain of what ship and just have fun man. And extra hubs are always welcome. There are sides of many planets in never been to cuz it out of the way, but if there where portals over there? Hell yeah I’d check it it out.


The interesting thing about this game is some people think they are in power and then things shift. Us backers have seen capitals, cities, portal networks, mega shops, etc come and go. There is always a way to upset what seems those on top versus those on the bottom.

So do it yourself or find a group and take down those that think they own it all!


I have a small village with me and a couple of friends as well as other folks who wanted to join in. I only have two portals up but they lead to the main hub and the capital, and I often see strangers passing through just to use the portals.

Even if there are one or two main portal hubs in a planet, they’re still only in one place and the planet is vast. A lot of people would rather use the nearest portals that serves their purpose rather than walk aaaaall the way across the world. I’d say multiple hubs are good!


I’m really looking forward to all of the cool contests and scavenger hunt that the different guilds and community leaders put on. @Cookviper put on this epic scavenger hunt all over the city of steam. It had riddles and Mazes and an epic war ballad.


Also, Gill, you might want to for example find a resource people like, put your new portal hub near it and signpost it as such. There were little portals to and from shops that, for example, linked to nearby Gleam patches which were/will be popular. Like others have said, the existing hub networks only cover a fraction of ground and there are many things to see on many planets.

Also the fun is partly in the building - I built a shop this time because I didn’t do it at all in early access and wanted to try. It’s earned me some coin along the way which I didn’t expect at all (figured nobody would want my stuff, heh) and is a nice side benefit but really I just wanted to build it.

Try it and have fun along the way :slight_smile: