**UPDATED** The Community Great Hunt

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yeah ctrl-64 i add you to rights could you look into it
as you been laughing with our time troubles before lmao
i give you 500coins for the job :smile:
also @Xaldafax can i use third sign to make a copy off the fire cavern hunts then people see that as well wen they check the sign
oh @ctrl-64 your not in my friendlist for some reason so try friend me
anybody want to make 500coins just to write stuff on a sign :smile:


Today Sunday there will be a hunt at 17:00 UTC +00


when is that in US EAST time? LOL sorry so bad at time zones :tired_face:


12 o’clock, noon, I believe.


this year we can think about Boundless Remembrance Day


Update For Next hunts

time is in UTC +00
Monday 8/1 19:00
Tuesday 9/1 23:00
Wensday 10/1 17:00
Thursday 11/1 22:00
Friday 12/1 19:00
Saturday 13/1 --:-- ( to be determined)
Sunday 14/1 17:00 The grate hunt

If you like hunting you might like to join our Guild Portal Seekers. Read more about it here ** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment

If you need a sling or healing check out @Eldwen and Letty’s Shop at Solum, but there is a portal from therka market.

And dont forget to check out the new Portal Seekers Portal network. a portal at therka market


I will definitely be there saturday and sunday!


@SuperNova3278 here is the daily hunt post :slight_smile:



awesome stuff lads - I brought over 200 oort stones and 100+ gems of each type; thats an amazing result and helping me a lot in keeping my portals running as well as getting new line of gem tools which I will sell in BAY Mart sometime after weekend for usual attractive price (my gem tools price is around 4k as Im trying to keep it available for players with less coins)


I really need to get in on these hunts once I’ve leveled my Hunter a bit. Would have to check what time they are UK time though as just because I’m playing doesn’t mean I’m playing in peace. Often I’m wandering back and forth from my PC as I make dinner etc


so 7pm today

there were a few low level hunters with us yesterday - you just hide behind the high level people and loot; you migh try a few shots with your copper slingbow (or iron) to try and get some experience for killing mobs;

as soon as you get 1st level sling mastery, you can use silver slings effectively and they are nice quick firing things that I still use as my secondary weapon

and get to death penalty reduction as soon as you can (pump up vitality and health regen on the way to it)


And bring an iron hammer or better to loot metorites.


Although when with a group someone else will break it for you.

However if you ever start hunting solo you’ll need iron+ hammer to break blocks.


Oh, you can break the green box with the totem?
Good to know, thanks.


Thanks all. I have all iron tools etc. I’m not quite confident enought to join the hunts just yet - a little (lot) on the shy side lol. I’ve been goong around today doing core 1 meteorites just for the fun and to put oort in all the request baskets for the people who kindly have portals that help me get around.


Yes you can.
I thought you were only talking about breaking the meteorite blocks.


Daily hunts are not as big as weekly. I usually saw 8-10 people on it.
You can try and hunt with 2-3 people first to get used to group thing and then hop to bigger hunts. I did that.


Thank you. I definitely will soon.


Dont worry. The hunts are very easy going. You can just show up and follow the group, and you can leave whenever you like. You dont have to do anything really, other than keep up with the group. So my advice is to try it. Best case you can help with the hunt, worse case you get some loot.

If and when you feel like it, you can join on discord. I dont speak there because I have a daughter who is sleeping in the next room, but it if good for listening too. Like “watch out for the holes / lava ahead”, “we are going north” etc.

If you need to leave the computer (like you said you might have to) you could befriend one of the players in the hunt. Then you can warp to that player when you get back and resume, if the hunt is still on.