The Boundless Adventures of ToastyMcToastFace

I created a new character, ToastyMcToastFace, after @Krollbar suggested the name in this brilliant thread started by @Biv

Having done so, I thought it might be fun to document his adventures!


Reserved for the (albeit unlikely) scenario of ToastyMcToastFace’s adventures being too epic to be contained by one post!


going to adventure out and visit builds? Haha

So will he be using your alt’s home, and your alt’s resources, and just claiming it as his while you’re in control of him? He won’t even be making his own home from scratch, making his own tools, gathering his own resources, and doing still without the help of your other alts?

What’s the point of starting a new character and following them, if all they don’t do anything, and instead your other alts did all the work for them?

@TheGamerfuls ToastyMcToastFace is definitely interested in visiting cool builds!

@Jirodyne ToastyMcToastFace just wants to see the world(s) and is lucky enough to have some Toasty backers. He may have some adventures that some people find interesting and/or amusing. He is happy enough to just have some fun and not get bogged down in existentialism pixels… at least till he has a better hammer.


Laputa always welcomes visitors :wink:

More ToastyMcToastFace please :heart:

That name is too awesome, was thinking I would definitely make that guy my main :grin: