Tell us about your alts!

How many? What tasks?

I have five right now.

My main is Smoulder. He’s my crafter and builder. I’ll probably make a separate alt for forging if they ever improve the system.

Chaar. He’s my chef. I’m really annoyed that you can’t epic both drinks and food. The fact that I’m going to have to make an alt for brews is annoying. (maybe I’ll combine him with my forger) Chaar is also responsible for opening portals.

Embur. He’s the hunter. Pretty self explanatory. I’m going to have to re-spec him though. I concentrated on life instead of protection. He can also mine in a pinch

Soot. He’s the gatherer. Leaning hard onto stealth. He’s been getting a lot of work lately in my desperate need for peat and sap.

Anneal. He’s my miner. Just made him this morning, so he’s a noob. But he’s going to be all stealth. Having Smoulder’s resources makes the first few levels a breeze.

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Xurious, Furious and Huntorious.
Xurious likes making tunnels and picking up plants because, why not? He names his hammers after female models and mourns their demise every night at the bar over a whiskey or 3.

Furious, in an ironic twist, is pretty chill. He likes to build with different coloured blocks but will take frequent breaks to stare at sunsets, admire gleam glows and waste hours rearranging storage. Has big plans but never gets around to them.

Huntorious comes from Scotland. He likes fisting all manner of wild animals, trees, plants and rocks whilst listening to bagpipe music on his oortphone5000. Dies a lot to lag spikes, cuttles and hitting walls at full speed when grappling. Fun and dangerous to be around.


My main (although it’s actually about 50/50 with my crafter) is Reniero a level 49 hunter/miner/gatherer. Has decent survivability on t5+ and good at what he does.

Yeomra is my lvl 36 crafter, with all skillets unlocked. (one for food, one for brews, and the main for most everything else) he’s also my shopkeeper.

Cerridwen is my forger, and highly specialized in it.

Haywood is the neglected one, who originally was going to be my miner. I may try to level him later on but right now Reniero can do everything better.

I unlocked one more character slot but forgot what I was going to use it for.

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Zero… Life is rough…


Fickle is my builder/crafter. He is indeed fickle by nature moving from project to project do each little by little.

Metro is my miner/gatherer. He was my first toon, hence having the same name as I do here. He likes dark and dank caves, and picking pretty flowers mushrooms and other flora. The back bone of Elders Peak’s business.

Coolbeans is my hunter. He wears goggles cuz he run so fast he get bugs in his eyes if he dont. Also shields them from imaginary monster guts/blood splatter.


10 characters because why not. 3 that I actually play.

Panzerfaust, the grandmother, started out a a miner/warrior/adventurer but she’s getting up into retirement years and will be a 3 skillpage crafter who can literally make anything.

She has 2 daughters, Puddini the miner and Plutonium the warrior/surface dweller. Both in their late 30s/early 40s.

And then there’s the grandkids, Pug, Pawg, Possum, Pasiim, Penelope, Phuzz, and 1 more I can’t seem to remember.

They’ve all settled into a town on a bridge near the Aqua Hub Portal on Lamblis. Their grandmother built the bridge, and they liked it so much they all decided to live there, currently the 9th place settlement on the planet.

Oh, and their cousin Pup also lives on the bridge with them (my 6yo son’s account lol).




My oorts are like insects, each with a clear metamorphosis path… they start off as little worms, helpless, defenseless, on a scorching desert in the badlands of Finata. My youngest at any one point immediately gets schooled in the art of dexterity to the max and then trained in mass crafting as soon as possible. They are the workers. They are drones. They build. They mash stone. It’s a hard life - not a pretty life - but life it is. 4 have gone through this stage, and a new addition is eager to join them soon.

Prome3us, the first one, destined to be a hunter one day but currently serving as the hammer in my toolbelt. He can dish out a beating and is responsible for mining, excavations, and inevitable large scale deconstructions. He loves bunnies and burgers. Sometimes bunny burgers.

Haephestus came next. One day he will run the fairy forge, but he earns his keep in front of other machines. He is the gear lever that keeps the other cogs turning, supplying all our tools and advanced materials.

Dionysus appeared as we picked up speed. The colony is an army, and an army marches on its stomach. His talents far outreached his opportunities at first, and while we had to be satisfied with soups and stews, he was already planning lavish and fantastical deserts. His gastronomical ponderings revealed astronomical abilities, and he can now open gates to where his ingredients cower in fear. Favouring foods instead of drinks has blessed him with a clear mind, and some wickedly sharp chiseling skills.

Lastly came Gaia. In touch with everything around her, she can reach the highest tops of trees without jumping. Her thirst for knowledge has her zipping around planets at lightning speed, collecting the bounties off their backs. She is not one to run from a fight though, she casually strolls where the bodies of others litter the ground. Carefully, silently, and decisively dealing with threats one at a time and at the time of her choosing.

Our next member… is but a dream for now. So many have come before; is there need for another? Will he mix drinks for Huntorious? Will she become a skilled killer? Holder power over death and giving back life? All we know is… the colony needs another drone…


Perhaps not the most appropriate thing to be sharing :rofl:


uniek - was an alrounder when he was just learning the ropes, now specalising in mining and making fat stacks from the team shop. He is what some might call big boned, and often gets in trouble for blowing all of the teams cash on pie.

Kraftykutts - was an all round crafter while he was learning the ropes (apparently this lot takes a sec to work out the best way to do it). But ran out of hours in the day to do everything, so now focuses on helping prepping his crafting friends with the tools/resources they need for their specialist arts.

Kuttlekilla - was a hunter who got a big head when he soloed a lvl1 meteor on t3… but hes no where near as tough as he thinks he is, and turns out he’s actually a weakling who’s scared to death of everything, so currently a landspeed record setting gatherer. Still has ambitions of soloing a lvl 2 meteor.

Stuck - stuck joined the team when sanctum broke down and we couldnt get home (uniek must have eaten all the maintenance money). Due to boredom, the team started watching a new guy awkwardly hittting trees with a stick and laughing at how slow he was. But they soon learnt to love his lumpy yellow head and he joined the team as a baker, much to unieks delight.

IncredibleForge - is a total sellout, no one really likes him to be honest. He’s extremely self absorbed and just wants to see his name stamp on forged tools he is no where near being able to create yet. Contemplating feeding him to uniek.


I love this so far, keep 'em coming!

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Toast101 - 1st char that I used to learn the ropes, mainly a miner but is shortly going to hang up his mining boots to concentrate on business and travel (respeccing to use as shop owner and urban explorer with tax epic and QoL skills over mining efficiency)

FabricasToast - Crafter/Forger/Chiselmeister - doesn’t get out much but swings a mean spanner. Hasn’t forged a thing yet either!

AccumuLaToast - Surface gatherer - goes fast, though not as fast as his shovel (thanks Teo)! Dangerously addicted to mushrooms.

ToastaLaVista - Hunter - narrow, nervous eyes, all about the Oort.

ToastBreaker - Miner - eyes-shined, mole-skinned, doesn’t stop: hammer time.

Cordon McToasty - Chef - the char that most resembles his owner… loves pies and brew!


I love your family names.
In EA I had
Rumplypigskin farmer-merchant
Rumplyhogskin hunter
Rumplyboarakin crafter.

Good times.


RavenTwospirit: My main. Currently a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, in that I’m trying to have a reasonable amount of points in exploring, hunting, mining, and surface gathering that I can survive and pick up a bit o’ loot as I explore the worlds. Eventually will likely be respec’d as a pure hunter (tank vs glass cannon TBD).

Ravencroft: My first crafter alt. Has all of the crafting skills, but not the epics yet. I recently realized I’ll have to chose between Tech and Food/Brews, so this Raven will become the Tool crafter (and possibly Forge on the side depending on how many points I have left at 50)

RavenBaker: My newest crafter alt. Will specialize in Food.

Future alts:

  • At least one more crafter, to specialize in Brewing.
  • Likely a dedicated miner once I hit the “gem wall”
  • Possibly a “stealth gatherer” for surface resources, depending on whether or not I feel like I need one in addition to a pure hunter
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lol I only have two alts for low skill point investments that do not make sense in a dedicated build.

Touchandsuch is level 20 something and he is my Weapon/Tool/Tech/Decorations level 3 with Mass Crafting. I still need to level him a bit to max out food crafting.
Lucy-Ho I am leveling up to level 23 (currently 18) and she will be my Tax Epic, Portal Epic, max Blink Secs shop keep and portal witch.

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That does explain why his teammate needs all the whiskey though…


You should make a Toasty McToastFace


Man you guys make me feel extremely uncreative lol
I have 4 characters.
Smooth-Slick - my crafter/shop owner
SmoothSlick - my miner
Slicks-Smooth - my hunter
And last but not least
SlicksSmooth - my gatherer
And I certainly dont have a fancy backstory or a family line. Kudos to you guys😂
At least I’m easy to identify in game;)


I would have called the chef “FrenchToast”

Ba dum tss


builder, hammer maser. He likes when blocks are placing so fast that they stacking wherever he dont want.


Forge master. He likes when he put a ■■■■ load of compound etc and he got a tool with awesome stats that it is good to be buried in the public village dump.


Hunter. She like to not going out of the sanctum.


Axe master. He like to hit 193859301938 trees and get 2 saps.

They form a beautiful group of people who love their job!!

Haha just kidding sarcastically!!!:smiley: