Simple Portal Questions


Using Portal Seekers handy dandy portal map:

I just want to triple check math here.


I want to open a portal on a T1 planet to the PS hub on the same planet… let’s say Storis II to Storis II:

2x2 Portal
100 Shards to Open?
2 shards per hour to keep open?

I want to open a portal from Storis II to Seginiakai:

2x2 Portal
100 Shards to Open?
6 shards an hour?

Is my math off?

Is there a “shard spreadsheet” out there telling me this information? Is there a simple tool that I can look at and say: “Ok, Niia Zed Ka to Storis II, BOOM!! I need 160 shards” or whatever?


so the size is what determines the cost to open the portal and the distance is what determines the size of the portal you need.
2x2 is 3 shards an hour



How do I determine what size of a portal I need? For instance, T1 to T2 USEast. Or, T1 to T3 USEast?

Edit: nvm, tyvm Simoyd



Portal Seekers to the rescue!! Ty guys so much!


Skills you need:

dont forget u also need the epic to open portals


Nvm, my confusion is slowly evaporating. lol thank you so much


There is no blinks when on the same planet. The portal costs are the same though


Just literally figured that out (not even a min ago). Lol Thank you so much though, this is all making so much more sense.


Wow! These are great resources that I didnt realize I needed thank you!


So I always like to test my knowledge. In my above examples:

2x2 Storis II to Storis II is 150 shards to open and 3 shards an hour?
2x2 from Storis II (USW T1) to Seginiakai (USW T2) is 150 to open and 3 shards an hour upkeep?

So literally the same upkeep? Am i reading this right? (and I do understand it’s because the portals are 2x2 in my example, but I just wanted to clarify; I know it’s different if I use different sized portals).

I appreciate the help!

I’m mainly just trying to make sure I have an sound understanding of this before I go portal crazy in the game :slight_smile:


I think Storis II to Storis II for me was a 2x1 portal, 50 to open, 1 shard per hour to maintain.

Full stack of shards keeps it open like 5 weeks.



blinksec distance decides the minimum size portal you need. Portal size determines cost. If you’re using a static portal size then the cost is also static.


Awesome, ty for your time :slight_smile: