The Iron Tool Shed - (Shop)

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I’ve had this shop open for a while, but never really advertised it cause It was already enough work replacing the tools from what little buyers I did get. But after an extensive project investment of over 100k coins, I feel there is, hopefully, a big buffer now for me to advertise the shop without running out of stock if everyone and their grandmother rushed forward to buy everything. So here it is. Ahem.

The Iron Tool Shed!
(Is there a way to make text bigger?)

This is a shop to get all your Iron Tools! While there are some other stuff like Iron Claws, Iron Spanner, and Iron Slingshots too, (Tho not as many), the main feature of this shop is it’s Iron Heavy Hammers, Axes, and Shovels!

To show what I mean, (and how big of a buffer I made), I present to you this picture!

In it, you can see 3 ‘Shoping Areas’ with 10 Shop Stands each. And if you look closely, you’ll notice a lot of duplicates. Just in the front focus alone, you can see 2 Hammers, 2 Axes, and 2 Shovels. In total there are 6 Shop Stands EACH for Iron Heavy Hammers, Shovels, and Axes.

Why 6, you might ask? Because of limits! Each shop stand can only hold 16 Smart Stacks, (two inventory rows), of items. Which for Tools, a Smart Stack only holds 9 of said item. 16 Smart Stacks, filled with 9 tools each, is a wopping 144 tools, PER shop stand!

So with number 6 holding left over extras, that means the first 5 Shop Stands are filled, holding 144 tools each, for a whole lot of 720 tools! And remember, it’s 5 PER tool!

That’s right, just in the 5 filled Shop Stands to buy from alone, are 720 Iron Heavy Hammers, 720 Iron Heavy Shovels, and 720 Iron Heavy Axes! On top of some left overs. That’s a wopping 2160 Tools you can all buy and use in whatever task you need!

And for those of you that use Copper, I don’t have anywhere near as many, but there are a few copper tools to buy to. About 50 of each tool if I remember right. Along with a few other stuff I sell randomly, like Spark Gens, and some ores.

But now comes the big question: What is the Price?

I’ve shown there are a lot of products to buy, but is it worth the price? That is a question only you can answer, ultimately. But to buy my tools, there are only 2 prices to remember.

  • Iron Tools: 100c each \ (93c goes to me)
  • Copper Tools: 80c each \ (74c goes to me)

But just cause you know the name of the shop, doesn’t mean you know how to get there!

Lucky for you, I can lead you there.

It seems Ultima Hub is moving their portals around, so I’ll have to update getting to the shop from that hub network later, sadly.

But luckily I have a portal directly to my shop from the Portal Seeker Hub, so lets go from there first.

First thing first, is that you want to get to the Gyosha Ophin PS Hub. It’s one of their main hubs, connecting many smaller planets, so finding your way to it should be easy. If you’re not sure how to get there, from where you are, the Portal Seekers luckily made you a map!

First you have to figure out where YOU are.

Portal Seekers’ Thread

When you get to a Portal Seeker Hub on a planet, on the map each line is showing a portal between the two planets, so follow a line from the planet you are currently on (Remember that planet to find your way back home!) to the Gyosha Ophin PS Hub.

And once you get into Gyosha Ophin, you’re going to want to go into the side portal leading to the Biitula PS Hub.

Once you pop out of the Gyosha portal and land on Biitula, you’re going to want to take a few steps forward, then turn right around and face the Gyosha portal. You’ll notice on both sides, left and right, of the portal are two stairs.

What you want to do is go up the stairs on the left. Once you reach the top of the stairs, look to your right and you’ll see rows of portals on the left and right hand side of the path. My Portal, with the sign “The Iron Tool Shed” is the first portal to your right. It’s right next to the stairs you just walked up.

Now to add some pictures, to help:

Pic 1, This picture, the Portal I am looking at on the second floor, to the right of the stairs leading up? That’s the portal you are looking for.

Pic 2, This picture, shows the actual portal, and the sign above it. Not sure I can make it more clear than that.

I’ll edit this post tomarrow or the day after when the Ultima Hub’s Portal gets moved and updated by the town’s wonderful creator, @Gill , so I can show you how to get to the shop from there. Tho I warn you now, it’s a little more complex, cause you’ll be entering the wonderful town of Cuttletruck Federation, and taking a secondary portal to get to my home, with the shop on top of it, instead of just ending up directly in the shop like with Portal Seekers. (No way I can afford a massive personal portal all the way to Ultima HQ lol)

Calling dedicated shop owners!

Congrats on the business man. Glad to see its picked up :slight_smile:


100c for iron tool is a good price.


I love the ad! you’ve got good marketing bone in you.


I know it undercuts most people, lol. Most shops have Iron Tools at either 150c, 130c, 115c, or 110c. I only know one shop that is below 100c, and it’s even in the same town if people look. The owner is my neighber and he deserves some love too. Tho his shop isn’t next door, it’s over in the Market District and not his home like mine is lol

I used to watch TV, I remember how some older shopping channels work, lol.

Also, I wrote it, especially the Directions to get to the shop, as if talking to a player that has never played the game before.


use ascii art

┏┓︱ ︱︱ ┏┓︱︱ ︱︱︱︱ ︱┏┓︱ ┏┓︱︱ ︱︱ ︱︱︱︱
┃┃︱ ︱︱ ┃┃︱︱ ︱︱︱︱ ┏┛┗┓ ┃┃︱︱ ︱︱ ︱︱︱︱
┃┃︱ ┏┓ ┃┃┏┓ ┏━━┓ ┗┓┏┛ ┃┗━┓ ┏┓ ┏━━┓
┃┃︱ ┣┫ ┃┗┛┛ ┃┃━┫ ︱┃┃︱ ┃┏┓┃ ┣┫ ┃━━┫
┃┗┓ ┃┃ ┃┏┓┓ ┃┃━┫ ︱┃┗┓ ┃┃┃┃ ┃┃ ┣━━┃
┗━┛ ┗┛ ┗┛┗┛ ┗━━┛ ︱┗━┛ ┗┛┗┛ ┗┛ ┗━━┛