[Lutrion - AUS] Ashenvale

Welcome to Ashenvale; the capital of Lutrion from day 1 invites you come settle with us. Founded by @Lynxdragon and @Drigin1 from New Zealand.

Ashenvale’s Town Centre is located at 924N -1692E on Lutrion. To get to Lutrion as a new player, “Choose Australia → Hostile World” when starting the game. Else to our North East is the Portal Seekers hub. You can read more about the portal seekers by clicking here. You can also get here directly from the Finata Aqua Ultima Portal Hub.

The settlement rules are simple;

  • Please be respectful of other peoples builds regarding space. Please claim plots you wish to remain to compliment your build or plan to build on.
  • Please be respectful of the collective city, Builds should be in good taste and not be an eyesore. So no towers made from crafting tables, memes, sky paths, massive holes etc. Temporary builds are fine but please try keep things tidy.
  • Please request roads when needed, Else keep roads in the same style. Please give road plots to Lynxdragon or Drigin to help expand the city, this is due to prestige changes. Any alterations to the roads for your builds just ask!
  • Please keep portals away from the main roads so they do not render. This is to be respectful to lower spec players.
  • Please if in doubt, post here or speak to Lynxdragon or Drigin if you have any questions.

Were all very much looking forward to seeing what everyone comes and builds!

Regarding this thread;

  • You may post updates on your builds and shops here. Please keep them to one post a day for shops.



im just going to wake myself up a bit (the hope was to survive 24 + hours because new universe hype) so will be ~ 30 mins… got a main alt on starter Aus

Hi, Im from South Aust, will be popping in tonight to have a geezer at all things new in boundless, havent been on for ages as im hanging out for ps4 release. My daughter will be playing on this pc account mostly as i just cant adjust to WASD etc but im dying to see whats changed.
All that said exactly how hostile are the hostile worlds to a vitual noob, (Ive not spent much time on boundless, but wait for SEP 7th lol) can you give me an idea of what we should expect, or should we just head to a more peaceful planet. Cheers and look forward to seeing you all in game…

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Lutrion only has hostile spitters, nothing else will attack first. Wildstock will just look at you till you attack.

Im logging soon, but @Drigin1 or @Dirtmaster may stay on. This is how its looking now;


yeah I wont be on (well probably my girl) till around 7pm, but will check it out, thanks

Started on Lasagna myself and @Arkefyre.
Was on Lutrion for an hour or so mining iron. Might find ya eventually.

My girl ended up choosing the peaceful AUS planet, cant remember the name but thats where we be for now, though I cant see us being on much till the 7th sept.

We, in ArkBound, would love to build something small and nice within your borders and contribute towards the capitol of the planet, if you don’t mind. We started on Lasagna and have no other reason to build on Lutrion (as its also a starting planet) other than be part of a someone else’s project, like here. Could be cool to add to your prestige and help you be a capitol for foreseeable future.


Your more than welcome!

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Bump & Update!

End of day 2!


I will be there soon - like 15 - 20 minutes?
Need to talk about where to place beacon and style limitations you expect.
Is discord an option here to meet and talk?

ill be waiting

Hey man, I found your beacon unfueled so I claimed it. Pm me when your on next and ill return it.

Start of day 5

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Had a look around yesterday! Looking great everyone. Lutrion is a beautiful planet, but unfortunately I’ve started building my home on Lasaina. Was very tempted to move in though.

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I have a home on Lasagna. And I built a small place in Ashenvale too. Small portal between in future I guess. Both worlds are very nice.

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Portal seekers are opening a portal tomorrow.


wonderful :sunglasses:

yep sorry… i am testing skills and had to free p to char slots to do it…

tbh these multy slots are more hassle than i thought they would be lol… going to stick to 1/2/3 like how it was :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi squidgy, just ran into your place on the mountain near “Sydney” will most likely see you round a bit as were not far from there, but will take us a while to get really cracking

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Thanks for the portal network link from Boori guys to Lassaina, will be very useful, your work is phenomenal in this short time