[Lutrion - AUS] Ashenvale

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Will have to thank the portal seekers. I ended up only influencing its location being close to ashenvale.

yep sorry thanks to those guys, thought you may have been one

I wanted to be, but that is a different story.

uh ok i’ll leave that one alone then

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Update to main post, New progress photo coming.

Night view of the city currently.

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I was impressed by progress when I visited today. Nice to see some cool shapes like the gleam tops of the corner towers. Also use of red timber and colors other than the Lutrion palette, brought life to the town.

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Yeh going to do a big lumber trip today and add another level.

Just added more roads for people.

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Update guys!

We now have a portal connection directly to Ultima Aqua Hub!

We also have a small portal to the worlds portal seekers hub, But this may be moved soon.

Also the town paths have been expanded for the new players coming soon, and peoples builds are looking cooler and cooler!

Come stop by and maybe settle down! Or just setup a shop!

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Just a little bump. Will put new pictures up soon, a lot has changed. Also updated the rules a little.

Sorry this has been a long time coming due to personal stuff.

Soo many people here now and still growing!

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