Does iron not spawn on starter worlds?


Generally confused I been searching a long time for iron on Kada 1 without luck. I’ve found a ton of copper but zilch on iron. I’ve searched so many caves that I’m fatigued


It does, but fairly rarely and typically deep in solid stone. Search t3 planets or above for more lucrative iron mining.


That sucks. I already setup a home on this planet and now I’ll have to relocate. Wish the game did a better job explaning these things


Are you close to a portal?

if yes you can get to a t3 planet which has more iron. However the mobs are more dangerous so you need a weapon.


I started on a peaceful planet and just kept digging down and found iron eventually, not as much as copper so far but still got it


Go to this site and have a look if your planet is allready connected (the second pic in the OP is the more uptodate): ** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment

If yes, just search the portal (it’s shown as a lilac dot on your compass). If you are there you can save the location in the location tab. on this way you can use warps (100 coins each) to jump from your beacon to it or back if the way is to far for running. 100 coins sounds much at the beginning, but you get more through higer feat’s rewards and also trading is well worth it (some few fibrinous leafs are more in value then 100 coins for example :wink: )

I did it the same way until I moved in total to a tier 3 world :wink:


I don’t know what the arrows mean on the second pic, I am on Imoco which shows 2 arrows pointing to it but none from it so I don’t know if that means it’s connected or not


the arrows just show the distances, but I think they only add the planets to the list when they are connected. I just said to look at the second pic because the upper one (the way nicer one ^^) was not up to date at the time I suggested you to have a look :wink:

Here the post in the thread where the portal is located :wink:


Make an atlas, and see if you can find caves in mountains that glow on the atlas. I’m on a placid starter world too and have some mountains near me that have decent amounts of iron, certainly enough to get some machines, get some mass crafts of tools, etc. But I didn’t find them on accident. I made an atlas and bought one piece of iron and used that to search for hotspots.


Also, don’t feel bad that you started on a lower tier world as it is perfectly fine. On the other hand, you’ll probably be more frustrated on higher tier as blocks there have a higher hp and without at least iron tool, it would take time to break one which doesn’t even add much significance to your progress albeit slower it down even.


Could do what me and my friends did and point to a random not deadly planet and go. When we were done, we ported back.