Silly noob qestions


PS4 answers

  1. I can’t find a way to hide the UI. I’ve just used the Share button to grab UI-filled screenshots
  2. As far as I can tell there is no way to quit which gives me nightmares. Just for peace of mind I usually travel to the Sanctum before jumping back to the PS4 dashboard and force-quitting. I figure moving to Sanctum must force some kind of save.

Oh and you can have more than one base/beacon, so you could always start a second one and leave the first one were it is. You will earn a lot of ‘cubits’ leveling up and will be able to buy quite a few plots with them.


Boundless itself has no pic mode. but steam does, f12, and if on a pc, well we have PrScrn and many programs to record with.


Just as a thing for skills and what gives what


that page is also great for planing skill builts :wink:


And if you want to craft something and don’t know what mats you need or where to craft go to … there you can search for each recipy and see the skills, stuff and machines you need :wink:


These are great.

Is there a place where all the worlds are listed. I found one link, but it was hideously out of date.


Portal seekers keeps this thread up to date when they can. The second graphic is the easiest to read for just planets in the game, though it probably won’t include new planets that spawn today from new players yet.


Thank you. I now know I am on Storis II and why I almost died in the market on Grovidius Ten


Hey, that’s my home world too :slight_smile: Welcome to Boundless! Maybe we’ll bump into each other someday. If you ever stumble across The Foundry, that’s me.


Cool, my character name is Biv. Trying to remember what I named mine. Stone something, lol.

I might have seen yours. Are you part of that lake communiry?


No, I’m kinda out by myself right now. Once my friends and wife start leveling more, we’ll probably form a small community, but we’re all slow levelers. I’ll have a shop someday soon. Good luck!


Me too, way off the beaten path. About 10-15 minutes SW of the community.


Found you. I’m sitting in the Foundry right now. :smile:
I am 1464m W-NW of your beacon. A place called Stoneway.

My in game id is Smoulder.


Haha. Nice! I’ll have to come for a visit soon :slight_smile:


A; You can also travel to the capital on the planet you are on (or another location that you like) and save that location. You can then use the sanctum warp (or warp conduits) to travel between your base and the saved location. It will cost 100 coins each time, but is an option if you can’t manage a portal yet.

For example; I try to save a location near a portal network when I get to a new planet the first time, then I can easily get back when I am done gathering/exploring there.


I’m a new player and I always do in that way, from my isolated tree house in Sochaltin to Chiesel Town, 2 portal stones and 100c: easy and cheap.


I wasn’t even looking for you when I found you. I just saw a settlement in the distance and was lured by the siren song of your portal to Alpha.

BTW, if you do come looking, it’s probably easier to portal from the capital (I think it’s called Ooylia?) from Alpha. I’m across the lake. You can just barely see a blackish blob where my home on a hill is when you exit the portal and turn around.


A W.I.P. vid


Sorry, Biv. We’re in the process of moving in real life and I haven’t been on much lately. I’ll be sure to visit as soon as we settle in next week. :slight_smile:


No worries. Huh, my new vid didn’t show.