Seeking true list of all available planets


Not wanting to cause a stir, but some of the other responses to questions on planetary lists have left me, well honestly unimpressed. Either you get routed to some site that doesn’t work with mobile devices, a short list of some of the planets, or random info that makes no sense at all, at least to me. So going forward, can we get a master list of all available planets in the game going on somewhere? Either a lengthy post here, a YouTube video, or updated info on a website, or Wikipedia link updated, and some of those wiki-links haven’t been updated in at least a year or more.


Might be your best bet currently, Portal Seekers map


looks like Portal Seekers finally listened to our complaining of them not putting in correct text lol


That map is outdated, they have adjusted hubs



Yeah I couldn’t find their post


No worries! That’s what community is for :wink:


The first post in this thread will always be updated with the most up to date information that the Portal Seekers have.


I was trying to find it using the search tool but was in a hurry so just used their website as there were too many pages to scroll through


someone made this:


What does a calendar have to do with planet names, and as to how many there are?


Loving the map image,ty. But to be clear, we need to go through an Australian server to get to the higher ranked planets, seriously?


Just an update people, tried doing world to world where I could without using plant buffs to get to the 4 and above planets. Turns out there’s a limit on the number of planets you can have on your location lists. Gonna see about that.


If you goto the post it shows all the planets and has a graphic about the universe layout. Unfortunately when you link a thread it does not show the images.

EDIT: Specifically this image is the one I am talking about:


That one’s nice and all showing the distance between worlds, but the other in this post showing the actual stats, that’s more beneficial for resources, where as the one your showing, looks more in the line of portal creation.


That is why both of those images are in the thread I linked as they each serve different purposes.

EDIT: The other image shows the Portal Seekers network layout and not relative distances.


Thanks to all who have contributed to help me find out list of all the planets available. For those still interested in, or needing help on finding specific resources, or color types, go to, there a list of all available planets with resources listed per planet and the color it is on that planet can be found there.