Ok so now I'm getting bored


Way having fun doing objectives as they gave me “direction” and things to do. My current objectives are al either if world (which would be fine if I had someone to get me there) or require skills I dont or wont have (shop stand require decoration and I only put skills in combat and healing).

So my only options for grinding level now is building (which i suck at). I could gather resources to craft but most the stuff I’d need is again. Off world. Or fight but killing the same spotters 1000000000 times would only be fun for so long.

Any ideas?


Find the portal hub on world and go exploring! Settle down by some friends, join a city, make an alt char to do you crafting, theres a lot to be done :slight_smile:


… make a shop, import and export, craft stuff for selling, join an existing guild to be part of soething bigger, make some coin and buy better equipment … or learn how tht make them yourself, explore and fill your atlases, go meteor unting and make a fortune with the mats you get, …

I suggest joining with others to feel the community also ingame :wink:


If your character is a fighter, go do some meteors. With the exp buffed on hunting, you should be able to do some nice leveling and get some mats you can sell to get better and bigger weapons, machines or devices, or just horde your gold.


Look at the Feats tab in the Journal, find one that looks interesting and have at it :slight_smile:


Lol fears are just “repeat xxx task 10000000 times” that’s not gonna help my problem. As for joining a city. I like living on the outskirts of town as I’d have LOTS of space if I ever decide to expand. The city is in running distance though but ppl aren’t very talkative.

Which is expecting due to the lack of multiplayer content. I mean in an mmo dar example you had dungeons and raids to do that you NEEDED to do to level and couldn’t be done solo so you HAD to shout and find other players to group with.

Meteors would look d be nice but the 3 I’ve seen had no one around and no way I’d do em solo. Also yes there are portals in town but none of them are to rugged or inhospitable planets so I cant find Mats any better than what’s already on my current planet. The atlas resource finder doesnt work (I had no idea how to find ore when I put it in the atlas. Flowers was easy) last finding stuff is random i.e i might not silver ore is on a planet but its completely random WHERE i find it lol

But yeah In putting all my skills in stat points first so as of now I’m not seeing much change. I wont have a decent build til 25-26 the problem is getting myself there at the current rate. I did lots of feats and objectives saving up 50 boxes before I opened them all thinking I was gonna gain a ■■■■ load of exp. I went from 15 to 16 1/2… I’m like wtf? 26 is gonna take forever to do at this rate and I dont have anymore cool objectives to complete to motivate me to do it lol


this is how I looked at lvl 16 (aprox.) … https://boundlessskill.com/index?b=85WF9XHF3AS3GJSBM6ZE … take the epic on damage in the last group of epics at the bottom. It speeds up much due to it’s overall damage bonus :wink:

With this I was able to hunt lvl 1 meteors solo on tier 3 worlds (Lamblis, Biitula, …) … ** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment … In this thread is a map for the network of the Portal seekers. Just avoid the upper worlds (tier 4 plus) cuz they need atmospheric resistances.

Iron tools and weapons are good for the most stuff up to tier 5, so try sticking to them for now because they are cheap to make :wink: