How do I play my characters on a different server?


I chose USA east server when I created my toon, I have some friends on the west coast that want to play together on the west coast server…please help…and thanks


Ensure you have a home beacon set. Watch the compass at the top of your screen and go towards the purple icons. Those are portals. Just start wondering through various portals and you should find yourself in a hub of some kind eventually. For example Portal Seekers runs a portal system that goes to all planets. You can find maps here:


Just find out what the name of the planet they are on and then go through any of the various portal networks to get to that planet.


Find out what planet they are on and ask them to give you coordinates to where they are. You can use the map Simoyd posted to see what planets link to what in their portal hub. Their portals are usually shown as “portal seekers” or “PS”. It can be confusing as a new player but you’ll see how to use it as you go through the portals. Once you get to the planet your friends are on you open up the “places” tab in the menu (touch pad on ps4. Not sure what it is on pc) and set a destination using the coordinates they gave you. You can then find their location as the orange marker shown on your compass at the top of the screen.

Hope that helps, i know it can be confusing to planet hop as a new player but it gets easier


If you’re on PS4, I think you may be able to import PS4 friends from the Character Select menu while IN sanctuary. You can then track player or use the right sided warp in sanctuary to warp straight to them (once you find their planet).

And if you’re still having trouble tonight, though you’ll probably have it resolved by then, I’ll lead you to your friend.


If you’re on in 30 minutes I can help you get to the appropriate planet. To find your friends, as stated above, you will either need there coordinates or possibly track them if you are also friends on Steam.


Either way, if you can get to the right planet you should be able to get the rest of the way there by running… I can get you a beacon and some fuel too.