Prob a stupid question


Is there a limit to how many locations can be saved…asking cuz game freezes and crashed every time i go to a portal hub since launch…so im gonna have to rely on warps to get around til this is resolved.

Its kinda not fun…when your stuck on your home world.


There is and I believe its 30. However you can place a campfire in different locations and even after it burns out, you can continue to warp to it in your beacons list if you need more location spaces


yes, there is a limit of 30, but you can build a beacon, fuel it and then remove it again (the location is still saved as a beacon in the menue and you still can warp :wink: )

oh … didn’t knew it work with campfires as well … never used them after the first ^^

but is your crashing problem allready reported, @Savage1der ?


Ya i reported and submitted crash reports…happened 8x today…so taking a break b4 i break my computer…lol…but thx for the info

for now im just gonna try to save a local on every planet…away from the hubs…and see what i can accomplish w/ that


My tip without traveling through portals would be: Keep to two worlds and minimize your traveling. settle on a tier 2 world and rise up till you have enough iron for at least 5 hammers and a nice amount of food, then go to a tier 3 world (best would be a non-coal world (so not Grovidias Te or Groviathosa) and try to mine the hell out of that planet with what you got, so that you bring back enough iron and may be tech components to fill the hole you would feel on a tier 2 world. With that Iron you can then prepare for an even longer trip the next time. Iron tools are good up to tier 4, so you need silver and gold (only on tier 3+, and even there rare) only on rare occasions (for some machines for example) … Have a look at the map of the PS guys (** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment) to see where you are and what planet is the next to you (that reduces travel costs).

So when you have problems with portals you should also avoid bigger settlements (which is sad, cuz there you can make some good coin by trading and also fill up with stuff you miss). But feel free to make a beacon on the 2nd world as well to have a warp point and also a storage so that you can haul more until you go back again :wink:


Honestly, don’t bother even making iron hammers yourself. You can buy them like 120 coins a piece. You can easily recoup that cost with selling half a saltpeter. One saltpeter is worth two iron hammers and so easy to find. I wouldn’t say smelting iron gear is worth the hassle of you have easy access to hubs.


yes, but he wrotes the game crashes near portals, so entering a settlement with many shops (especially bigger well made ones) may be tricky


metal isnt the problem…nor is coal…its only since launch that ive been having this issue.

my main claim is #6 on the planet and i have a museum that players frequent to find what color items come from what planet…over the past week, more so in the past couple days ive been having this crash issue. but had i been a new player that advice would be spot on… Thank you


For the location saving limit:
I figured it very early, that the list is way not enough, because i tend to save locations not just for the portals, but for Resources, to remember the biome where they was and nice Buildings where i come across while exploring.
I just craft from each Location Marker after my Exploration and store it in a special room, so i can just delete the Saved Locations that i don’t need for my next Expedition. And if i need them, i just take a Marker and add it to my list again.


I completely forgot about location markers…thats a great idea


Savage1der were is your museum? I really want to see it!


Go throu the Savage Shop portal from the Portal Seeksers hub on Biitula…its located up the stairs from the Beckon Portal


Thanks! tonight I’ll come to have a look!