IDEA: Capital City Bonus!


Yeah, it is much better to have the game slanted towards the pre-release people.

What do you suggest then? Because as it stands right now, aint nobody, for example, taking any capital status away from any of cities that the PS people made into “main hubs”.


I know you are waiting for rented planets, so your solution is use fix it with real money? That is just silly.


There have been multiple new planets that opened since the official release.

The first ones after release, I’ll grant you, new players could not compete with pre-release players.

But new ones keep opening, maybe get a capital city there.


I’ve got to disagree with the assertion that pre-release cities are beyond touch. Ask @the-moebius about the original aquatopia - he came into the game almost a year and a half after that universe hit the beta servers and in very little time grew his new city from scratch to what is now (repeatedly!) the largest city boundless has seen. He achieved this feat purely by networking and socializing with new incoming players and lots of self promotion. If it can be done once, it can be done again.


I started playing since game officially released on Steam, what are the new planets that have came out since?


Niia Zed Ka, Imoco, Angel I, Minorengel, Kada I, Cephonex Merika, Alder, Maryx, Trior, Raxxa, Sorissi, Refgar, Gellis, Arie, Antvar IV, Shedu Tier, Cardass, Alcyon


Would be nice if when starting your hero you are allowed to pick from a list of planets instead of just picking safe or hostile and plopped into one.


You also chose which region and the game tries to place you in a less populated planet


Prestige was broken from the very start…
It’s too late to fix this.

The only way to mitigate the impact is to keep prestige and settlement ranking as a joke scoreboard.
(seem already not the case with the footfall cashflow mafia business).


working on it :wink:


There’s sure a lot of whining in here for what I see as a non-issue. Why are you complaining about someone else’s hard work? Groups of players have come together to build cities, much of which is for extremely helpful causes like connecting the universe, and all we have here in complaints?

I’d like to see if you’d change your tune if the portal seekers, Ultima, Skyway, and my own hubs all shut our gates… I undoubtedly think you would. Do we get some benefits for our work? Definitely. But we earned those benefits, plain and simple


aquatopia hasnt build aquatopia yet we just have a embassy on beckon atm we start from scratch aswell sometime later i think embassy got so big becuase we focus on helping people and have no build regulations there
lot off players apreciate that
we never focus on capital it just happend :smile:
guess we make big embassy’s lol
maybe you luckie you know where we are to avoid the aquaforce hahahaha :rofl:


It might be interesting to have a cooldown on captial city title transfers: maybe check for top prestige once a week?

At the very least, that’d let people bask in the glory of their build for a while


thats the reason prestige exist nobody can say his build is better then a gleam poop
our he becomes a poop :grin:
what if the person making a crappy build is 9 and is real proud off his build he would be my friend not the guy telling people there build is to ugly and need to be removed cuase his build is superior


If being a hub is the key start your own hub network then. PS is not the only portal network so it is not impossible. They were smart enough to have a group and focus on trying to be first to the new planets. Anyone can mimic what they are doing. It is not like they have some magic or early access totem that lets them open and not maintain a portal.

I will say it seems to be a lot of work to build the hubs, craft the necessary items to open the portals, and to get enough oort to keep the portals fueled. Personally I do not want to do it and the fact that others do not and want to be close to the hubs is really not a problem. If the PS hubs are capitals, it is more due to the builds around them than the hub itself. So you want to not let people build close to the hubs because of some perceived advantage?


:rofl: Amazing GIF It’s gleaming too, love it!

I always encourage everyone to build what they like. This is a sandbox, the best reward is to be proud of your creation, you should not care about other’s opinion (mine included)

Thus no need for extra super-duper-joker-bonus to artificially push people toward the same direction/goal.


Yeah yeah if someone can do it anyone else can too.

I am salty since the whole reason this “issue” as some of call it, is an issue is because when this game went live there wasnt a real reset.

All the pre-release players got extra time – and what do you know: Portal Keepers are born. With their unlimited footfall income it is a joke.

So dont try to tell me “Keep it up, little guy – you can do it” when this “race”, so to speak, isnt even fair.


Complaining about someone else hard work? Wow, you can spin stuff great.

Im saying MY HARD WORK is worthless since the “portal keepers” are almost unlimited income due to footfall. This race isnt fair, not in the least.

When game went live, there should of been a 100% reset. Period.

All of you people who are like “you can do it, blah blah” get out of here. That is like trying to start a business with nothing VS someone who has 5million in liquid startup to spend.

I understand all you pre-release people stick together and most of you are the ones on the forums, what w/e.


Nothing stopping you from organizing a competitive portal network. There have been several other networks in the past. Set something up and you too can have unlimited income.


OK if you think the footfall is the issue then address that. You might have a stronger argument. I do not know what their (PS) footfall income is. I do not have a significant build to even have a clue. Maybe the formula for this needs to be tweaked. I have not even thought about that, but I also do not have any factual information to recommend a change or to say leave it alone.

But please do not make the issue about the little guy. Sulferblade was a little guy in the old universe and ended up I think with a successful shop and capital of the planet he was on. He did this almost entirely by himself. So I know for a fact it is possible. PS had hubs in the old universe also for your information. Some were in capitals but some were not.