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Founder : Goblinounours (alt : Arakara, Babou, MercyGrave, RaxxianSanctuary, NubNub, Goblin-o-war)
First Officer : @Malentir (alt : Gastronomous, Adamante)
Second Officer : @Swarl (alt : Swarlette)
DiscordIcon Goblinounours#4027


Raxxian Sanctuary Portal Hub : Raxxa, 2,245N ; 677E ; 66A
Blood Horizon City, Sanctuary Gate : Raxxa, 408N ; 1,557E ; 65A
Portal Seekers, Raxxa Gateway : Raxxa, 1,539N ; -528E ; 74A
Kiwi Valley : Raxxa, 1986N ; 1978E ; 69A
BNMSH Sylva : Raxxa, 980N ; 851E ; 66A
Sasquatchville Metro : Alder, -1,321N ; 244E ; 73A
Kindred Bay, Raxxian Embassy : Sorissi, -1,323N ; -305E ; 74A
Starlight Guardians Headquarters, TNT Hub : Sorissi, -598N ; -1,143E ; 67A


The Raxxian Sanctuary is meant to be a relaxing city to visit. Malentir and I have been slowly expanding it since February 2019. It features the original build, the Workshop where the magic happens, but also our calm temple and its many gardens. A few months ago, we presented our docks and ships, our cathedral dedicated to our benefactor James and a town which is growing into a proper city. More recently, we finished a viaduct leading to the eastern coast where Swarl built a manor, to which we added features such as a Gleam Exhibit, a Botanical Garden and some secrets. Feel free to come around and lose yourself in the many rooms of the Raxxian Sanctuary while you ponder on the mysteries of life.


We currently are not openly recruiting members.
We will soon© start looking for merchant-partners who would want to set-up shops at our marketplace and/or open portals to our portal hub.
The plan is for partners to have access to heavy discounts on our building mats and storage space. More involved partners would be able to make bigger shops, take hold of a pre-made house and gain access to our fully-powered factory. MVP (Most Valuable Partners) would have full access to our private bank.


Leader - Georgio
Main locations - Alder, Alnitans, Gyosha

Info - all Reapers must prove there worth by completing the Reapers Trials. Only the worthy can join!



Guild Name : IA Imoco Angels

Location : Imoco

Founders: Senshiro (Myself), Sakuraa

Main acces portal : Alutech Shop Search Oort Shop more portals soon we hope.

Details: Starting guild, buffs ready and sometimes on ,We are open and all players welcome to join. Language FR /PT little bit English.

Our Goal: Make Imoco great again and more attractive. Planning a mall in the future.Visit us “We love u”.


Jaka Hunting Club (J.H.C)
found on serpensardini
Founder is myself (@Jakacraft)
Main acsess is from Quickflips shop and 100k player portal named Jakacraft
Discord: https://discord.gg/xKwqJ8T
Accepting new members. Hunts are random, we use english and are based from australia


Guild Name: FireBorn Normads (Fire)
Location: Alder
Founders: Savior, Powerman, Canadianeh…etc
Main Access Portal: Portal seeker Biitula, TNT Mega hub, DK mall…etc
Info: Welcome everyone to join :slight_smile: Just be nice to other people.
Discord: FireBorn