Disappearing gleam

I finally got my hands on some red gleam and planned out a build with it. I had 64 refined red gleam in my storage. I went to get some of it out to test the color scheme. I tried to split 25 from the stack. The entire stack jumped into my inventory and then disappeared. I’ve looked everywhere and have been unable to find them again. I have to admit I am a little bit salty about this:p Unfortunantly I dont have any more info and have not been able to replicate this. On a side note, if anyone has any red gleam (preferably refined) I’d love to purchase it!
I got my hands on roughly 60 more refined red gleam. Should be enough for what I need:p
It seems that after logging in today the gleam has found its way back to its original location. No idea what caused this but I am glad to see the gleam i back:p

I can always help you out if you need some more gleam. Give me a heads up and I’ll make ya some

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That’s buddy! I’ll keep that in mind(:

They didn’t by chance jump into a smart stack did they? They can stack with other colours of the same type and the stack colour sometimes doesn’t reflect what’s in there.

Glad you managed to obtain some more though :slight_smile:


They did not. And trust me, I looked;)


No worries - thought I would ask, just to be sure :wink: