Had fuelled my place while inactive, and knew it wasn’t going to run out for another 16 weeks, now 4 months ago.

Tragically, it seems it didn’t actually add up in that regard, as now my things have all vanished. From what I had read, it should have run out on the 8th this month. I guess the miscalculation may now be responsible for quite a lot of hours spent placing rocks, now being wasted. :’)

If someone has gone by at Dzassak and not seen the giant stone cave roof I had been working on before burning out, well, this would be why. According to my characters’ stats, that’s been well over 50000 blocks. I feel pain, but I guess I haven’t missed much, from what things seem like.


You should at least have all the blocks in reclaim when you place another beacon…


Oh yeah of course, but it’s more the amount of manual labor involved that was time-consuming, rather than the gathering of resources.

I do love the game, so it isn’t out of hatred I’m saying it. Rather, disappointed over the lapsing, and possible issues with regaining the same land.

Then again, I am quite happy to see a few campfires and new players still around. I do absolutely feel that the game can pull far more players, if the price wasn’t a bit steep by default.

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I added fuel to my beacons at instead of adding what it was supposed to add, it added a day. I don’t know if there’s a problem or not l.

I’m not sure I understand.

Each fuel adds to a maximum of the amount said, it wont add that time on top.

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While beacon expiration system had it place at one point, I believe now it’s a pure killer for what’s left of the game. Recently I had Boundless itch and almost got back, but when I figured that it will be all gone, again, I would rather do anything else than invest time in Boundless.

Also it doesn’t help that with each regened beacon worlds become more and more empty.


Hey ocfos, I guess I’ve meet you and your wife on dzassak…

Back in my days we haven’t a reclaim system, so if your beacon run out of fuel, everything was gone…

But now you can reclaim all your stuff…(I mean, that’s awesome)

I know, it doesn’t save you the time from building it new but:

At some point, everyone has to think about gleam club…

Myself too, didn’t want to lose my buildings…

At some point you maybe have so much beacons that you can’t handle it without gleam club.

I know 50k blocks seems to be much but:

Some of us has chisseld more than 50k blocks.

And I know about players that has to move more than 3 times (myself too) with all their stuff…
(I moved blocks with more than 8m Prestige to another world)

All I like to say is:

Don’t worry so much, start new, reclaim your stuff and have a eye (or better two) on your beacon fuel, or buy gleam club to avoid things like this again…

And you have collect that 50k much faster than others do, with that free 3x3 tools I give to you <3

Anyway, I hope you Stil can have fun with that game…


Always ask for help. I could have done a detailed inventory on my nearly 1 million beaconed inventory but one lucky friendly face received that this year after I decided to scale back my playtime here.

To be fair…4+ months is more than enough time for a place to be reserved. Back in my day…you had players waiting for your beacons to expire, just so they can come in and take everything you worked hard for. Look at the bright side…its labor that is lost…thats something the community here can assist with. You have your items, and that is the most valuable part :slight_smile:


Yeah, you’re right.

I don’t have a wife, so I’m not sure what you mean. I do believe we’ve met before, as your name is very familiar!
@Leahlemoncakes has her house at the east-end of the island, though!

Having built all of that stuff by myself was the hard part, since it was all by myself, during lonely asocial hours.
Sadly, the 50000 blocks I had was just of one type, and were only from one of my beacons there. Pretty sure the total is way over 200000 placed by hand by myself. x_x;
Wish there was a way to do it faster, since I wanted to make the terrain look better by hand, and complete my giant artificial cavern roof.

I still intend to (hopefully) complete my so-called passion project there, as I already have the exact looks in mind for it. Sadly, I don’t really have anyone I speak much with in the game, if at all. The few friends I made play the game, all stopped one by one within a few weeks of them starting. øwø;;

I know I won’t leave Dzassak behind, regardless of what I do from here. For now, re-plotting the island is underway, and hopefully I’ll go at rebuilding it soon.
Wish my few friends I know would want to play could join, but they’re Xbox players, so they can’t get the game. A pity, truly.

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If you’re next time on dzassak, take a look in the world chat, if someone’s online that’s called


That’s all my characters.

Whisper something, if u see me.

If u like to get in contact with other players, search 4 someone called


She lives on dzassak too, and like to help new players.

If u ever need any tools, or some ways to collect some coins, Pls contact me…

Why you can buy this game on pc and PS but not on Xbox… I can’t understand…

But I know about too that feeling, starting with friends, but ending almost alone.

Did You ever visit a hunt with many other players?



He’s a hunt leader, multi millionaire and likes to help new people too…

So if you need some infos about hunts, weapons, heal bombs and all the stuff like this, contact him…

There you can meet a lot of other players, and maybe some new friends too…

Have fun!