Disconnect on Delta Cancer and then black screen with looped sound of collecting some kind of loot

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Playing boundless, doing meteorite on Delta Cancer. Suddenly instead of ping seeing unavailable. Game asks me If I wanna go Sanctum. I don nothing. Then black screen with dialog box telling me to reconnect or else… I choose reconnect. Screen goes black, after a while I see well I still see blackness. I hear sound I hear when I pickup loot, or maybe shoot, or change tool (no sorry, this gives no sound), not sure which, but I hear it looped, it plays every two seconds. After a longer while (maybe shorted, not sure, don’t judge me) I just kill process and post log here https://gist.github.com/sztosz/046f31db0cb8a205539db93759cb2a4f Next game start does not tell me to send anything and starts normally. I can normally play.

PS. When I hit reconnect I at once (tried to write imidietly, but I spell it wrong, and dictionary don’t want to help mi with spelling, want to change it to timidity… are those headphones? or some mind reading device… not sure…) checked if forums work, they did, and logged into router, and he showed me on graphs that I’m sending and receiving lot of data, but overall I’m able to do so, so I am connected to the so called internet.