Disconnected containers please

Containers is the new big thing they are working on and is looking amazing, one thing that really bothers me though is that ben said that all of the containers will be connected to 1 big stoage for each character, and in most cases that is pretty cool, but please also make disconnect containers, i am a perfectionist an like having a clear overview of everything i i have, so i usually makes a ton of chests. 1 for wood. 1 for metal. 1 for gems. 1 for cloth. 1 for leather and so on so forth, i like having loads of chests like that, but i cannot do that if i just have 1 gathered up chest space. also i am afraid of running out of space in that one, which would make alot of sense, but still. hope you make both types :confused:


Pretty sure you’ll be able to make as many chests as you want. Don’t think there is any limit.

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ben said they would all be connected anyways, so it wouldnt really matter if i made more than 1.

I think that would be the Oort chest he was referring to, which as I understand it is the equivalent to an ender chest. I understood that there would still be standard containers as well.


ah okay. makes sense.

That was how i understood it too. Hopefully they are going to be quite expensive.

I don’t think I did :wink: they’re not, they’re all totally separate.

ahh… sorry. i might have misread. might try to find what i think i read.

So no need to worry :smile:

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thank you. now i can relax XD