Disconnects on Hochous 1 -> Zor VIII-A

Had a portion of our hunt group crash out trying to warp to the umbris exo tonight around 8:30pm EST. Some could not reconnect for about 15 minutes. I believe they were all ps4 players.

Was one of the disconnects.

I have terrible connection issues now. I cant go to Galan or Flan at all. and get random 200+ ping.

VPN or not.

I was on PC and happened to me

I’m on PS4 and I was one of the disconnects : )
I’m used to it now so no worries.

Were there any messages displayed on screen when this happened? For example, if the game said that the game server connection was lost or that characters were still connected to a world.

Besides ‘unplayable connection’ it was ‘could not reconnect to the server’ and then ‘failed to connect to world’ or something while in sanctum trying to open warps to friends.

How has it been over the weekend?

So much better.

Much more stable as well. Only seems to get funky at hunt start sometimes, possibly because so many people are portal hopping.