Discord hunter bot?

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Um is the discord hunt bot broke cause a hunt announcement has not been Announced since October 26?


Yes, something with discord changed and broke it. I think it is still being worked on but not sure.

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I hope that it gets fixed soon. Luckily I can solo hunt on my T4 but I miss group hunts.


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I know hunts are still happening, might just be best to join the discords of the groups that usually lead hunts like GTG, Brown Town, C.O.R.E. , etc… until if / when the hunter bot is fixed.


I get CORE hunter notifications still becauae of DJ dancecraft possibly manually posting in glitch world.

As it is now forum and universe in game chat are the best options.

We are all still hunting and most of us announce our hunts on our discord channels. It’s just difficult to ping people.

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I manually post hunts in places like C. :o:. R. E. Discord, gtg discord, boundless official discord, iconic discord, portal seekers discord, hse discord, glitch world discord, brown town discord, ezpz discord, and I think a couple others. I also post them in community events boundless channel but sometimes I forget lol

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