Discord servers for hunts


Can I have some suggestions for discords for meteor hunts? Preferably something that’s pretty active :slight_smile:
I know someone recommended me one before but I can’t find it!


Pure would be the place to go. Unfortunately they have it set where only certain people can send an invite so I can’t give you one. But @RogueSynapse can send an invite


Ahh okidoki

And where do they usually meet? I’m on Arie/Finata mainly at the PS and Ultima hubs


They have a portal in finata Ultima that leads to the pure hunt meet up spot. There’s also their guild book there too. They might have the discord link on a sign there as well. I don’t remember it’s been awhile since I’ve gone hunting so I don’t remember the full layout of that area. But they do have an awesome cuttletrunk built under the floor(floor is made of gleam signs)