Discount Lock

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I think it would be cool to have a lock-like object that you placed on shop stands, or maybe even a beacon option, that would give a specified % discount to particular friends or guilds on everything in the store. So I could have a shop with all my stuff in it, but then my guild could shop there for 50% off or something.


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This idea takes the win I like the idea of being able to set discounts for certain ranked members.


You can always do a second set of stands with locks where your guild or friends have permissions and set a different price on those stands.

I’ve seen there is a coin lock in the game files.
Not sure how its used but in early days we talked about it for use on doors.
Maybe it can be be changed to work both ways.

That would be cool to use for mini games that some have build.

Or for dungeons that get created by some. So that there is a little extra budget to get rewards. For those activities.

Yeah, that just seems wasteful, and then I have to keep up two stocks. I’d rather have one place for everyone. At any rate, just a fun thought.