Art: Toll Lock

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This will be the lock put onto things, with a charge to open it. This will act very much like the existing lock, but the aesthetics changed to imitate the game coin.


Looks good and makes sense! Win-win! :smiley:

I like #3 the best


like all of them, each lock has its special key

#1 for the win

Why did it get big letters wtf

# is shorthand for a header - you can wrap it in back ticks as a hack to avoid that

A fan of 13 myself. Looks great! Love the art.

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I really like most of these - it’s hard to only pick a few :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the 3 but the black shape (I assumed its some sort of key hole) could glow like runes on tools to make it look like some sort of magic lock?

I like 12 because as the owner of the lock you should have a key, while others have to pay. And this lock represents both.

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make toll roads so you can watch the rage of having to pay to use the road.

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At first I didn’t understand the idea of a toll lock, but now I kind a get it. It could be useful if you had a big giant house or museum that you wanted to show people, but you didn’t want people destroy your stuff. So you put down a beacon and have a Toll lock people can come and go through the hallways without destroying anything, and now you make a little coin in game to buy more super fusion swords or whatever!! I like it!!

How will toll locks work with doors? Will the door open for a short period, allowing multiple people to pass through for only one toll paid, or will a toll lock some how “instance” the door, allowing only the payee to pass?


Hm, interesting idea, having toll locks in the game. Could definitely lead to some cool setups, assuming you can choose how much it can charge. I’ll add the concept art to the colleciton!

I really like the idea of being able to lock things away and setting up a toll for passage but…

… well, perhaps other people can help me see when it might actually be useful in a real scenario. Beyond enclosing a portal, aren’t most other sorts of bottlenecks easily circumvented? You make a bridge over an otherwise difficult to traverse canyon, and then people can just use the structure of the bridge to grapple across the gap for free. Or worse, if there’s any height to it, the could just grapple around a toll gate and onto the bridge regardless.

Perhaps you have built a mine shaft to a known good location for finding a popular resource, so you put a toll gate at the top. Couldn’t someone just tunnel around it and into your mine shaft somewhere. Or even just mine diagonally down because they know if you went to the trouble of building a mine shaft with a toll booth, there’s probably something nice down there?

Or if you were to build a large tunnel through a mountain, would people actually pay to go through it? How would everyone else see themselves using toll-able locks like this?

I think if it’s a minimal fee, something that people won’t mind paying to circumvent an obstacle (a tunnel through a hillside for example), it should be fine. I guess it’s up to the player to find out what the fee is really.

You could also pay a toll for being able to use someone else’s machines I guess - that’s probably where the real money is :wink:


I see opportunities to use paylocks for things like access to VIP lounges, arenas, homebrewed dungeons, transportation, libraries, map rooms, machine shops, monuments, auction houses, hotels, or any other location or prop that you might want to charge per use. Really, just using it as a toll for passage is just a small and easily bypassed application.


For large tunnels through a mountains would probably be a single case where passage would make sense to pay for.

I’d like the instanced version.

Or maybe when you pay you get a very short buff thats unique to the door, as you walk through it’s removed. That way the door opens for everyone, but only the paying with the hidden buff may pass.