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It seems rather hard to find information on this so I figured it would be good just to ask as hopefully someone in the community knows. How safe it is to use the absolute image URLs for forum managed static files?

In other worlds:




If I manually generate the same DOM that the Markdown shortcuts will make, is that safe? Will that absolute URL ever change? The problem with the Markdown image shortcuts is that do not allow the addition of titles to the img tag.

Doesn’t Google require URLs to contain specific data (like the 1st URL) so that it can be searched?
An accessibility thing or something. It’s been awhile since I looked at their requirements.

If you talking about Alt text anything like that, I plan to still include. We basically just want to tweak the “img tag template”.


Black 1


Black 1

You can see the only real difference there is that when you mouse over the top one, you get the Discourse default to resize the image. The bottom one, you get the user default “title” attribute.

Is it using dynamic image resizing & that’s causing issues?

I don’t see the same thing you do in your example though. Both dots/images look the same.

No, the first one does not have a title attribute. It only makes a different on desktop, but if you put your mouse over the bottom one and hold it there for a few seconds, you should get a little tooltip that says Black 1. I unfortunately cannot screenshot it because it goes away when I press my screenshot button.

The idea is that we could shove a lot of image icons into a small space so the body of the post is not clutters with so many worlds. For kind of a “all of the possible colors” post. There are already thousands of colors so that would be a huge post.

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I see what you are saying now. :+1: