Discovery Server Down?

Just got it through steam and got the Discovery Server connecting screen.

I am not running into that issue with the live server. Are you trying to connect to the test or the live servers?

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Ok for me on the Live servers. Maybe a temporary issue?

I just got done installing it through steam and ran it.

Ok - so you’re a new user?

yes. it finally started working . However I got to the planet fell in a hole after setting beacon and can’t get out lol

You should be able to dig yourself out using the totem … digging is slow with the totem, so may take a while depending on how deep a hole you fell into :wink:

well I hit lava. now I die and can’t warp to a beacon. just back to hole. can’t see sunlight
How do you restart

Wow, that was a deep hole then!

Unfortunately there is no restart functionality.

You can shake your Oort Cube to provide some light, which should allow you to see for a short time.

Which world are you on, there may be some kind soul that could maybe come find you?


At the starting portal after re-logging. Do not walk through it, get near the portal and interact with it by pressing “E” and choose the “Bump to Safe Location” button and it should hopefully take you back to the top or a safer location.

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Also try looking through both sides of the Warp before stepping through it. There might be a safer direction.

Once thing I have noticed as well. If you get under something, where above you vertically is filled in with rock or whatever, sometimes when you bump to a safe location it will take you all the way to the top, or at least further up where you can traverse towards the surface.