Discussion about public projects , robbery and misschief


wasn’t asking donations but great idea what i was doing was trading refined rock for different colors on a public storage
i will make a room where they can show what they need and i can put the stones there if i see they requested it if someone steals the loss will be lower
i was smart enough to put the prices on a vault beacon :smile:
i hope the guild system lets me define public from private on same beacon cause i have mesage boards and a huge led wall thats public acces to draw on etc
i can def be creative with beacons but i still think it need to get easyer to manage :smiley:


Defines… you … me… top of the world. Others do what they can. Me and moeb what we want.


This is definitely a good suggestion. But, it will not solve people taking things and running with it. My experiences with other more established and well known MMOs has had similar incidents plastered across all of them. Granted, they all had logs to show those with access who did it tho. Long story short, you cannot stop people from taking things and running with it, once given access; so always be very careful with whom you give access to your guild inventories.


I know, it would at best a limiting factor for such behaviour. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have trust issues and it ruins the game a little for me. Im not a good builder so i want to hire people to build and polish stuff at my settlement but my fear of being robbed stops me from doing so. >.<


feel free to pm me about people
i know alot off them i can help do background check :smiley:


looks like we still have no audit log. Boundless is still an espionage game I guess…


i hope they hear us cause i would hate a player owned initiative for this


maybe we could have a “friendly” competiton. We could invade eachother’s guilds with alts, and steal a bunch of stuff from eachother.

We would just give it back, but keep like a high-score list of the total amount of stuff that we’ve been able to take.


Suggestion : Set up a second beacon where only you can access and store all the stuff you don’t want your builder to have access to there.