Discussion about public projects , robbery and misschief


So i made a public build Ƹӝʒ arte intera monthly competition ƹӝʒ---->Giant Snowman billboard
i offer services to people
and made and have many other public builds
but this game allows people to act nice and then rob me and the solution the game offers is that it is game mechanic and my fault cause i allowed them on beacon well i dont agree
if i create a service like a stone for stone colortrader our cheap materials to use the public spleef arena
chisel tools to help people
hammers food etc
i wont something to help identify abusers off my public storage and materials
what you guys think
im making this post cause man have i been robbed alot since first day im playing
and its getting super anoying im hoping for solution instead off me having to stop offering these services to nice people to have fun cause i cant see who’s a bad seed

also if theres a blacklist off people somewhere send me it i see in forum its forbidden to use names
but i still would like to see if people where reported before our bad newz


This is what we need. I’m really hoping this gets included in the guild system, but there’s been no mention of it so I doubt it will be :frowning:


The guild system should solve a lot of this…


Yes we need some sort of log like
“Buugi deposit 3456 trunks”
“Moebius withdraw 500foliage”


Sooo much this!!

Also i want steam id to be shown on players like for psn so that when people douch around on an alt we know the real reason and no one can trick you into being a friends alt.

And also please let friendlist n stuff me account based and not char based!


that one is tricky cause if you a public figure our guild leader its also nice to have an alt thats secret to play normal for example hashmalash he needs this so he doesn’t get bombarded with portal requests
i did it in EA when running aquatopia to be able to work in peace for more then an hour

but i also see your problem

but cant ya just ask proof all they need do is log in on main caracter you friended with


That would be nice yes!

Also Steam users should see the PSN id, PS4 players should see the Steam id…


Most MMOs have this.


I really want this one feature:

Can store but can not take


In the past i alrdy asked this


Request basket solves storing and not taking. But, better perms and things to solve problems like people taking stuff after gaining trust need to be solved more…


You want to sit here and be upset over giving random players access to your items, then say they need to be punished in some fashion for “stealing”. This is just plain bad foresight on your part. If you are going to make something available for all, and start accepting totally random people who are total strangers to you, then you can’t get upset when things go missing. I saw in this thread a more complicated way of controlling what’s given and taken, and it could work to a degree. But don’t take it out on the Devs themselves for your items being gone, you say your doing this to help others, well guess what, they did indeed get helped by taking all they wanted, or could.


This is a hard one to make a suggestion about. as I am the kind of person who trusts absolutely no one intill they prove to me they can be trusted. Logging functions would be nice, but even that can be abused to some degrees.

This game lacks good ACL controls and the like and as such you either have the choice of giving Permission to nothing or to far to much. and therefore they should extend ACLs to give players more refined control over stuff.

I feel they should add a block that is the reverse of a lock, when you stick it on to a block, you can interface with the item to access an ACL where you can add people who are not in the beacon ACL permission to access that block and that block only. this why you can give people access to some storage, but not too much.

Furthermore locks themselves should be intractable with their own ACLs so you can set whom you want to lock out of an object of someone who already haves permissions on the beacons ACL.

Thoses are two things that could help refine how much control you give someone.

actually after thinking about it for a moment, the above functions could be combined into one block, they should just make a lock an ACL block, that will override beacon ACL, for anyone who you put on the locks ACL, and only for the blocks that that lock effects.


I want a “doors only” option.

Wanted to give a friend access to our private portal room, but couldn’t without giving access to storage too.
Had to make a tunnel away from the base and put up a new beacon on just where the door on the end was.
He did like our tunnel, though. Very nice tunnel built just for him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All they would need to do, is give more control over what players can do on their beacons. Add the ability to open it up to EVERYONE but also add the ability to blacklist certain players from say using a door etc.


These things would help;

  • Deposit and Withdraw logs.
  • Deposit, but cannot Withdraw permissions.
  • Maximum Withdraw limit per person or Guild Rank.

I’m not sure where these logs would be stored, or how these permissions would be handled on a UI basis, but they’d greatly improve community interactions - rather than having shady discussions whether or not you can trust this new individual.


Not upset and dontwonna punish them just want to put them off the beacon if they don’t follow rules off my beacon did not mention devs BTW I love the devs just checking opinions


Only true way to do this is to do the following, and this is gonna be annoying,(you’ve been warned,:grinning:) Set up a 2x2, or even a 3x3, if you can, beacon area per person, do not allow multiple people to use same plots.within this plot structure, separate 1 plot that only you can access. Within the area that’s left to your, helpers/ newbies, the can build, destroy, take, leave, whatever, within that area. In the area you’ve set aside set up multiple request baskets each with it’s own individual item, ie 1 that only gets lustrous wood, 1 that gets lustrous timber, etc. After each basket is set, set no price so they are essentially donating the item. Then as time goes by, they can request back said items. There’s a lot more going on in my head that would convolute this a lot more, but be effective. But this would be basic stuff.


And if you don’t want to go to multiple basket areas, just set up 1 large area that everyone donates to.


That’s a good idea. I like the way it reduces the number of people needing to be trusted. Someone already well-off in resource and public like moebius should be a better gamble than many anonymous citizens.