Disgusting food you like or Great food some people won't even try out

What the title says^^ (I know title gore and stuff^^)
What do you like that most people won’t even touch. Or what does your country/region have as a speciality that outsiders think is disgusting?^^

That question came to my mind because I know a lot of people who say they don’t like blood sausage but have never even tried it^^

Side note: Swiss blood sausage is different from german blood sausages, other blood sausages and black pudding.

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Heart in cream sauce (It is best with calf heart but you can use heart from pigs too)

It tastes great with mashed potatoes.

fried liver tastes quite nice too, (This is best when taken from duck, goose and such)

If I remember correctly liver pâté is not as normally eaten other places as in denmark.

Hm never had the chance to try heart.
But I don’t like liver. That was the one that tasted a bit mealy didn’t it?

Fried locust is definitely one of the strangest things I´ve ever eat. :smile:
Grilled Kangaroo is not that crazy but pretty tasty, definitely recommended.

Since I live in the middle of the biggest wine region of Austria i don´t have a regional food but a pretty unique drink called Sturm which is only available for a few weeks each year when the grape juice of the current season already started fermenting and already has quite a bit of alcohol concentration but is no wine yet.

@Thorbjorn42gbf I think fried chicken liver is the best and we also eat plenty of liver pâté here in Austria.

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Do you sometimes have legs left between your teeth after eating locus?^^ That’s the thing I always wondered^^
And is it tasty?^^

The legs are way too brittle if you fry them and break therefore before they can get stuck…dunno about fresh ones
Definitely,they taste similar to cracklings,just don´´t look them in the face before you bite them :wink: and you should eat them right after frying, they get cold rather quick and dont taste well once they got cold.
They are already a running gag at my BBQs :smile:

The taste of liver depends strongly on how you make it into food and which animal it comes from :slight_smile:

Pig liver makes great pâté but doesn’t taste very good fried.

You should try it sometime, heart can often be bought extremely cheap at the local butcher because no one eats it. It often takes a few hours getting done though becuase it is very tough to chew.

Because of how cheap heart often is it makes a great luxury student meal.

I might try it^^
I’m not even sure it was liver that I didn’t like^^ I bad at remembering what is what xD

This isn’t really disgusting, but I do love eating balut whenever I get the chance.

so good when you sprinkle some salt and drinking the fluids inside.

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Are these the half developed chicks? How does it taste?

Well where I live something like this is definitely considered as disgusting :smile:
But I´m really curious, what does this taste like? Anything similar to the taste of a normal egg?

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They’re developing duck embryo. It tastes kind of like regular boiled eggs with the squishy texture of a baby duck except you can’t eat the white stuff in the balut since it’s pretty hard. I used to be terrified of them when I was 7 because my uncle would pretend that he took pigeon eggs from the nest to cook them :sweat_smile: .

Pretty much what I said earlier. It kind of tastes like egg yolk with a meaty taste to it. The duck may be a bit squishy, but it’s actually really good with some salt :smiley:.

Some people just crack open the whole thing, but you can just crack it open a bit and drink the soup inside. the rest you can scoop it out like ice cream.

Is it always duck? I thought I saw it once with chicken eggs. Or is the beak too hard?

And which white stuff in the egg? The egg white?

No one ever uses chicken eggs from my experience o-o so idk about that.

This is the white stuff btw

Hm could it be the egg white? But because of the development of the duckling it lost some substances which made it harder?
Is it just like gristle? harder/softer?^^ That’s really interesting^^

Think of it more as a hi-polymer eraser :o.


Yup, the hard white part pretty much has a similar texture to that.

That’s really interesting. I’m wondering what causes this.