DK Mall Project

Hello, fellow Oortians…

When I first started the game as a new player it took some time before I realized just how large and beautiful the Boundless Universe was. I found out about TNT then saw a Mall portal and for whatever reason as a green rooking Oortian I walked through the DK Mall portal. To be honest, I found it to be a bit much at first and almost gaudy at times, but over time the mall has really grown on me having managed it for some time with @DKPuncherello. It’s a double-edged sword running a mall as I am sure other mall owners can attest to. On one hand, you have people wanting shops and selling stuff and building new shops and on the other hand, you see many shops turn to ash when players let their plots expire or quit the game and at times it can get to you. There are also some griefers and various other annoyances, but when you want to provide to the community you don’t let these things bother you.

To my point though, DK Mall has a place in my gamer heart and I want to see it live on for as long as possible and I am now looking to create a new portal hub in the mall and I am looking for some help. I enjoy building but I suck at landscaping and building trees and terraforming. So I am looking to the community to get some people involved that want to preserve one of the malls that I personally consider a landmark in the game.

If there is any way you can spare the time or lend a hand or suggest a few people that may be interested in helping DK Mall out please give me a shout. I know a few people I will mention below that I have been told may be able to help and are great builders … if anyone is interested or if you know someone please tag them in this post… I appreciate it.

@Shadykatt34 has offered her help.

@Mittekemuis I am unsure how active you are, but I know you had done some work on the current new expansion.

@Peyago @PrincessMaude @boundmore @DJDancecraft


If I was decent at the things you wanted help with I’d help

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Question do you have a design in mind and already a layout plan? For the hub that is.

I can spend some time helping out :wink: if you like.
Just let me know.

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@Tmmk I have some ideas in mind and a rough sketch, but I plan to dedicate a bit more time and get some ideas from others that may be interested. For me, I was considering a central area with a tree (since DK Tree was a thing) and then placing the portals around that tree in some form. It is still up in the area from a planning/design perspective, but that was one of the reasons I wanted to reach out as it would/could be mostly outdoors.

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Nice like that ill start thinking of some design to put out here :wink:. Centralizing the hub is a very good idea. You could put it on one of the road crossings. That is if there is the free space for it.

One more question. Portals how do you want those?

  • Customizable?
  • Build in or free standing? like in a wall or just a frame around it or like now free standing.

Figured out an other one :wink:
Hub multilayered or not? (Multilayered does give additional room to expend in the future when needed).

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My first initial thoughts were to do like most and separate out the portals into the following:

  • World portals like DK has now (Trior, Phem, Biitula, etc.) linking to other hubs/malls.
  • Personal shop portals linking to the stores in the mall.
  • Larger portals - This one is kind of up in the air, but I’ve found that these are the portals I have expire the fastest and most often the ones I have to contact someone. Like below (granted these are always good and active):

As far as layers, that is open also I have the room to do either.


Not for nothing, but the amazing navigation (lifts?) portals that you can use to navigate to wherever you need to go to buy something are amazing … more of that, please! :slight_smile:

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Ooo I didn’t see this at the time but I’m getting back in the game after a hiatus and would gladly help, if for nothing other than feeling less lonely in the game :sweat_smile: would love some company working on a community project. Just if you still need help, it looks like you’re moving along great so maybe you don’t!


At this stage I’m still figuring out the dimensions of the hub. But that shouldn’t take much longer as i am working on the “balcony” of the “networked portals” (almost finished :wink:).

Next step decide on mats, design and distance (from center) for the player portal walls (including custom).
(Have a few concepts and 2 build atm)

After that its more copy/paste (With a lot of chiseling :grin:). And up to @Redlotus for the rest of the layout :wink:.


@Tmmk is awesome just saying…


:wink: flattery i like it :wink: