DK not feeling so great - info on how to get in touch with me regarding boundless

I’m sick and tired of having to put “regarding BOUNDLESS” in post titles to avoid getting flagged off topic.


If they were about Boundless, then they wouldn’t be marked as off-topic. simple really :man_shrugging:

Hope you feel better soon.


We have a difference of opinion then.

If you read a post and it mentions boundless, please don’t mark it off topic. If you absolutely feel the need to intervene, you should edit the title of the post, not hide it so people can’t see it.

Off topic posts are hidden and only viewable if you intentionally visit the off topic forum. Wanting people to know how to best contact me regarding portals or mall shops while I am ill is quite on topic.

I think there are better things for people to be doing while moderating forums than hiding boundless related posts.

So you never make mistakes? They are marked off topic by a human being not an algorithm. I know you don’t really believe this. Or you misspoke.

I’m sorry DK, but they are not being hidden. Unlisting a post makes it hidden.

Non-Boundless related posts are marked as off-topic, as they have always been.

Something something, glass house something, stones… etc

I honestly do hope you feel better soon - especially given the current climate.


I hope you get better soon!! Stay safe! :slightly_smiling_face:

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when you are feeling bleh and tired then rest is needed with the understanding that otherwise one might get easily triggered.

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Forum flagging police is my kryptonite. That and trolling/threadcrapping.

My superpower is being nice. When people troll and forum flag, this saps my superpower and people have to deal with DK not SuperDK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps I was a little harsh with stretchious. Posts edited.

Sorry for getting pissy. I’m pretty cranky right now. Mostly at our stupid president and the fact that there is practiclally no corona testing where I live (Chicago), not at you @Stretchious.

I understand that you aren’t feeling well. I hope you get better :blush: soon.

I did not move your post, but I agree that it is off-topic.

A better idea might be to place a sign/notice in your mall, so that the people directly affected will know what is going on. A lot of players in-game don’t have forum accounts. Or put a notice on your mall discord.

As suggested, it would probably be a good idea to have a main DK Mall post that people can check for notices/updates, instead of several scattered posts that will be hard to locate within a few days of them being posted. It would also be a good place for you to post notices like this thread.


As long as the thread isn’t hidden, it’s all good, right? At least on PC, it would still show in the big main page of the forum as if it wasn’t flagged as off-topic.

I honestly fail to see the point of the off-topic section, though. I get why you’d feel the need to say a thread is off-topic if it’s in the suggestion section and doesn’t suggest anything, obviously. But the general section has this somewhat looser feel to it, I think.

Like, who look at this thread in the general section thinking “Yeck, a non-Boundless-related thread!”.
I look at the general section thinking “Meh, all these non-suggestion threads”. XD

ALTHOUGH, I agree with the mods, it would make more sense for DK to post in his DK Mall thread that he’s sick and how to get in touch and all that. But again, I don’t think it hurts anything as is.

I have thought it would be good to have an obvious link to the off-topic section somewhere like the top of the page, maybe even call it something else like Community Chat. Seems a lot of people don’t know it is there or never look, which is a shame to me - being able to chat about stuff other than what a forum is about can help a community to bond, and especially right now could be a very comforting thing to a lot of folks.


I think the reason why most people don’t use it…is because it’s basically hidden and you have to know where to find it.


dont worry, autumn dells stew man DJ is here! let me know if you need some earthyam stew, or even energizing stew! @DKPuncherello


I think the real issue comes down to what happens if everyone creates a similar topic? How will you separate game related content from personal content? Do we want to have a new topic every time a player is sick or goes on vacation or is not available for some reason? Do we want the forums to be useful for players looking for information on the game or is it a general chatroom?


It’s a good point.

Maybe have a link to off topic somewhere.

Anyway everybody has seen this by now so I’ve marked it off topic myself.

However I would say the subtitle for off topic should be changed. I don’t think my thread fell under the category of “bought a new hat? Found a penny?”

On the topic of general chat - An IRC channel built into the forums would be pretty cool. And useful, definitely for exo shuttle if nothing else. I’m sure there’s a free plugin somewhere.


Yeah, if I had to reword it, I’d say something like-

“Get to know your fellow Citizens - freely discuss anything not directly related to the game, within forum rules!”

For a game like this, I strongly believe you want to encourage chit-chat and bonding… of course you don’t want it all on the main list, but I think it could really do a lot for the community if it were a lot more obvious and encouraged. Talking about stuff, learning all we share in common, this can help form friendships, may start playing with people we might not otherwise have talked to - “Oh wow!! So-and-so is a big fan of XX! We gotta talk!”

For potential buyers too, you want them to see a community they want to join in on. They can see (without searching too hard) a place where we are hanging out, talking about stuff they might be interested in… that is what you want, people may well overlook a lot of technical stuff if they’re having fun with friends and want to be a part of a community.

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I’m gonna go off-topic in the off-topic section…
I wish this forum had a more classic layout with dev news/announcements at the top and static categories with important topic stickies.

I am personally not a fan of the jumbled-everything-together RSS style feed. It makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for and to keep up-to-date with important info from the devs.

I prefer this style:


You can get a similar layout to those when looking at categories -

Within each section, you can click on the “X unread” or “X new” links to go to those specific posts as well


I tried that for a day and :-1:
Too much real estate is allocated to icons & titles, while pushing the important stuff to the side.

That’s cool though. I’m glad Boundless has :star:official forums…some games only have steam :frowning: forums.


I wish boundless used phpbb or something similar for free instead of paying money for their forums

Definitely, I prefer that style as well… :+1: But yep, I am also glad too that we do have official forums!! :slight_smile:

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