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In two weeks it has been 3 months with no information. So i have made the decision to set a time when I manually reclaim the new section.

As things are on January 5 I can’t login anymore with my PS account. And I refuse the loss of materials if a beacon should go after that date.
As manually reploting is out of the question because of plot reservation issues a transfer of ownership was our best bet… but like i wrote before 3 months… so im guessing that it isn’t possible.

I am sorry that the new section of DK mall will go.
That said I changed the beacons to TTC guild (my main) and settlement (guild) to reclaim date.
Everyone has 2 weeks to decide what to do.

Sorry for the inconvenience :wink:
Manual reclaim date 01-01-2023







Have reclaimed my shops. If you ever build another mall, let me know.


Ill do that :wink:


Who are you trying to get a response from? @Tiggs or the Devs or some player?

Maybe just a repost of what is happening and people can try again to help? Sorry I forgot…


I am not sure what is going on here, but let me know how I can help. I don’t have a shop there but I use Novaria’s space. Does someone need to take it over or just fuel or is this a dev thing?


whats upp with your ps


@Xaldafax np it was a pm between James, monty, dk and me. I won’t go in to detail. As it is pointless at this point as i have decided the new section goes bye bye on 01-01-2023.

@Chicula thank you for the offer but Transfer of plots was the plan in the pm’s. As manually reploting almost 7k plots in a potentially plot protection minefield wasn’t something i was looking forward to (which fell trough because not a lot of time).
Deleting beacons and then reploting is even worse as the current infrastructure is plotted in a way that every shop plot is covert by mall reservations. When those go at once and someone has protection on those areas can’t be replotted.

@the-moebius it’s on its last legs…. “The end is near”
And wont buy a new one rather get a pc. And my ps+ ends on January 5 which makes my characters unusable from that point forward.


@the-moebius now if need be and my ps4 completely gives up i can make my friend login on my account and manage stuff while ill walk him trough with my pc character.


Sorry Duh… I see that is what you meant by pm’s. Makes perfect sense.


I can’t tell you how much seeing DK Mall go away in any form irks me. I’ve put a good amount of coin, sweat and tears into the old area and while there was some drama it is still the first mall I visited when I first started. Running through the old section is a little disheartening, but at the same time I can’t tell you how many people I tried to find or contact about their shops either being empty or simply an empty plot.

Surprisingly, I found a good number of them. Some of them either reclaimed or rejuvenated, while others said they would do something and didn’t. In the end, a mall is only as good as it’s shops and if they are empty or have zero upkeep well the mall fails.

I’m sad to see any part of it go, but reclaiming it seems the most logical choice at this point.


I think I never got a statement on my post either by the devs if there’s someday a possibility to use the PS characters also on PC. Just a lot of players saying it’s not possible because of the licenses that come to action when one purchases things like plots etc blabla. I find that pretty b#llsh*t honestly. I’m most likely not upgrading to PS5 and once my PS4, actually Hosts as mine stands still in Germany, once that is broken I lose all my ■■■■. All the progress. Many hours of leveling for plots and exp. I recently needed to buy again PS plus just to play boundless. I’m not playing anything else on the ps4. And on top comes gleamclub which I will skip on now for a bit. Priorities need to be set. It’s stupid that Playstation players need to pay so much, so yeah I wouldn’t support this system any further once the console found its end. But losing everything in an online game that should have data saved online and therefore accessible for other platforms… I find it a shame. And then call it cross-platform playable. If they lose customers that way, is their loss. Anyways, I’m glad you found a solution for you and that we are still able to see you in game running around. I just wish there was more support from the developers side…

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In my personal opinion, if anything they should allow accounts to be merged. But then again, it is not their fault or their problem if people have decided to have multiple accounts in this way.

This may upset some people and I’m sorry, but I hope they drop PS support. I can only imagine the nightmare that developing for 2 platforms is and waiting for approval from Sony creates a lot of slowness in updates.

I don’t know exactly what the game was written in (coded in), but I do know that 100% of the code may not function on both platforms equally. As far as cross-platform, it’s not uncommon for games to be completely separate just as this game is. You can’t play the Java version of Minecraft on any other platform or even share accounts across them. I can list a number of other games just like this. I can also name some that do, but every game is different.

The only thing you will lose though is your plots and any extended payments on gleam club or sovereigns so to say you will lose all your stuff is untrue.


@Redlotus Master race…. Uhm …. Well… not feeling it with my shitty laptop. :rofl::joy::rofl:

Also what @May-L04 ment is true you also lose progress made. True i can transfer my mats now but that’s all.
Still lose the 4 years of experience invested in boundless. Not to mention money spent for cubits and all other “investments” made on my 16 year old ps account :wink:

Anyway my choice made for the switch to pc has more to do with PlayStation being not worth it as i found it limiting for quit some time now. And because im not confident on how good the ps5 and accessory’s is quality wise. Or how they handled the ps5 release after reassuring it wouldn’t be the same as ps4. And it is/was even worse. Not forgetting the pay wall to play online they should have left ps+ like it was for the ps3 (optional not needed to play online).


IIRC someone recently linked an article on “Linking your Steam and PSN Accounts” and on reading, it was just about one developer doing what Boundless has done since 2018. You can use your game account to log into both networks, and get your package/developer perks on both platforms.

Still, no traversing characters or items acquired in game form one platform to another. It’s not really a technology issue.

There’s basically one planet server, and 2 different clients.

I’m not sure how deeply you would want to look into “function equally” as that could regard basic performance issues, or just features - which are separate issues. The PS code can probably be a bit leaner since it doesn’t have to accommodate as much variation, but with regards to features there are some things that are just not allowed on the playstation.

And we can’t even get plots moved on the same platform, which actually is a developer issue. The balance issues with that have been pretty thoroughly laid out, though. Allowing it to be done by the player is a giant exploitable window, and manually addressing every request to move a few plots to another character would be a huge cost (man-hours) and headache.

As some things have been discussed like applying a discount/penalty to remove the early game plots - Monumental may possibly choose to approach this again in the future, I guess.


So better not kill Temmoky(ps) and let him be reborn(pc) chance to maybe transfer the purched plots. :wink:

(Yeah keeping my names :wink:)

Purchased plots with bought cubits not gained.


Totally true here and please forgive me for forgetting XP and things purchased via the shop. Maybe @Tiggs and @monty1 can discuss this in the future where the merging of accounts might be possible if going from PS to PC, but I wonder if there would be any issues doing the reverse (PC to PS).

It would be nice to find those things out, but maybe instead of merging they could accommodate the transfer of plots and cubits bought, but even then, I believe that could open things up for abuse of accounts and whatnot.

Seems like it could be a really big …


Well if the console breaks announced and devs are often not very helpful these days, stuff stays in an unreachable reclaim beacon.

So you also lose materials if they don’t help out

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Exactly why i want the mats packed up and manually transfer those to my pc character. As others whise the mats are lost for ever ever er er er :joy::rofl::joy:

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