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Anyone get the suspicion that the Oort might be the D’ni by a different name? :stuck_out_tongue:

:heavy_check_mark: Mysteriously dead or gone civilization
:heavy_check_mark: Remnants of their civilization are strewn about many, many worlds.
:heavy_check_mark: Said worlds are connected via portals
:heavy_check_mark: Many of those worlds are very …unique, and possibly obey different laws
:heavy_check_mark: They use an interesting runic (and probably highly structured) numeric system
:heavy_check_mark: They’re viewed as largely benevolent

Did the Oort, perhaps, make all these worlds we’re playing on?

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No :smirk: that’s silly

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hehehehe, nice idea, but the portals are not in books written by creators and I also (til now) didn’t need a walkthrough to find where those goddamn thingies are hidden and how to take on the riddles that block my way from them ;D (ever played Riven? … That Part was quite nasty in terms of riddle compexity ^^)

Half tempted to build a giant book around one of the portals…

(spell my nickname backwards, heh. Original, I know :-/)


For me they were as selfish a race as we humans are^^ Which would explain why they are gone even though they were so advanced.


or maybe they were just too curious for their own good.

(hey, what happens if I put this ultimate power crystal into this singularity drive and use it to divide by zero?)