Do all machines need power from coils?


Just set up the coils for my mixer and will be setting up another machine tomorrow. I have the gems to make for a couple of others but it had me wondering, do I need to have the workbench and extractor using coils? Will they be doing recipes that need power?
I’ve looked at a lot of items I hope to make in the future, but with a bad headache and memory issues I can’t keep straight what I need for what in the simple crafting.
So, being lazy and asking for info, do I need to have coils for all the machines or just a few?


All machines have recipes that require power. Each has at least a 2400 power recipe. Coils also reduce crafting time and spark usage. I have several machines with just spark for low cost non-power recipies. However, anything with a substantial spark cost is crafted on my machines with Advanced coils.


if you want to progress via crafting then yes, since a lot of the advanced gear and components require power to craft.

you should start crafting coils for the workbench 1st to reduce the crafting times and spark requirements for the other power coils which in-turn reduces the times for their crafting recipes.


Thanks for the info. My first ones, which I bought as it was cheaper to buy than make, was the emeralds for the mixer so I can make the food. Many of the items to use have been already been made, except what needed power.
Will look at what I need for the workbench.


Its worth powering all of them even if youre not crafting advanced recipies. It speeds up all the simple crafts significantly and reduces spark costs.


I wish I’d seen the fuel saving benefits of coils sooner. I’ve been struggling for spark forever. I added 2 Advanced Coils to each machine (4 to Workbench as I make my tools and weapons), and now life is a LOT easier. Shorter crafting times, less spark needed. And compacting my own coal helps. Advanced Coils are so cheap now (I saw 2400 yesterday), the cost is soon saved in coal!


That plus how much power each machine can support at maximum, constant redesign of my workshop… One way to keep busy I guess


i think the max you will need is either 15 advanced coils or 30 standard coils (per machine) since i have yet to see a crafting recipe that requires more than 3000 power


Compacting definitely makes a huge difference. I was constantly mining for coal in the early days. Now its maybe once every 2-3 weeks


The top power level currently is 7,200 I think.


13 adv coils is where the benefit of having more kinda stops. And max coils allowed to attach to a machine is 24


Don’t think I’ll ever need that much power.
Am making sure I have plenty of room for the machines. Raised the ceiling/floor of the room that will be holding the machines. Will be making coils for the workbench today, then for the refinery. Then what takes the rubies, can’t remember.
Thanks for the info


You will want full coils on all your machines eventually to cut down crafting times, but yes, after a certain power level you can make all the recipes so the rest are just time reductions. Although the centraforge coils should be maxed out to improve effectiveness on higher tier items.


The only machine that really needs the max 24 coils is the Centraforge. At that point, you max out efficiency for gem tools at 197 or 200.


After 13 coils time reduction stops at that point you’re just saving spark.


200 efficiency is max


Some gems max out at 197.