Do I receive benefits of tax epic if it's on a seperate skill page


If I have the tax epic on a separate skill page.

  • Do I need to be using that skill page in order to receive the tax benefits of the epic when making changes to my basket?
  • Do I still get the tax savings when someone makes a purchase even if I’m not on that skill page at that moment of the purchase?


Skill has to be on an active page to proc, then it’s launch and forget. Any price you set with the skill active stays set.


Will have to manually set every price in your shop with the skill active, and also have the skill active every time you change a price.

Items 9c or lower are not taxed without the skill, not sure with the skill what the upper limit is.


This is not true. Tax reduction activates once you enter a beacon. You don’t have to set price manually.


Did they change it recently? You used to have to set every price. Awesome if they did.


Pretty sure the popup text on it just says to visit a beacon to set the new tax


I’m not sure if the questions got answered by anybody? I’d like to know soon before I put up the skillpoint


If it isn’t active, it isn’t working.


It’s always been like that. It’s per beacon and not per shop stand. Updated every time the owner enters the beacon.
But the displays that preview the tax were bugged when for example viewed from a different character with permissions and without the skill. And some still were in 203, didn’t check in 205.
That could lead to the impression that the skill is not applied.

Prieview says 10% and 79c. Menu on the right says 81c (which is 7.5%)


They still show the wrong number in the preview window, but set the correct price