Do we have a tourist bureau anywhere :-p or Hitchwarpers guide to the universe that is

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hey hey… so I guess late to the party perhaps on discovering some parts of the universe…
A suggestion perhaps I guess to make someone else do it :wink: cough

But a central travel advisory either ingame hub(s) or forum post (most likely better), with 1-3 central top posts that is updated with recommended sights to behold. any screenshot galore afterwards are in the posts below to immortalize it ( in case, unfortunately the beacon(s) are let go)
… just idea really :slight_smile: but perhaps I been missing out a lot when trying to keep 1½ portal hub running ^^


I think a simple website might work better. Could have a section for Old Gems, as well as current beauties. Perhaps also a link to some of the great videos by @Jiivita and @PixelatedTwix

Great idea tho, while I have zero web page knowledge, I’d love to help with a project like that!


I think a Tourist Bureau is a great idea!!! Newcomers never know where to go, what to see! There’s a guild that has set up shop near my guild’s settlement and they tend to venture off, but miss so much!


I think this is a brilliant idea especially as a newer player, I think this would give people more ambition when building wonders for others to see.

Perhaps we actually NEED a Hittchikers guide central hub and make it like the H shaped building on Ursa Minor Beta (In the book its on that world)