Do you buy what's you can't make or raise an alt to compensate for missing skills?

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I am hitting a wall in making some of the advance machinery which requires specifics skills. My first consideration is to make more money, I want to be a builder so my skills focus has been farming and decorating skills. However, a friend suggest it is much better to make an alternate character to compensate for missing skills.

I found the need to level up another character a bit troubling. It’s not a matter of time for me, but I simply have no idea how to organize myself to level up more than one characters. I do like an opinion which one do any of you prefer?


I have my main which I use the gather and build, but I do have an alt that is only around lvl 10 that knows all the crafting skills. I only use it to craft new things and that’s about it for now until I finish my build haha


i have 3 characters,1 for combat,1 for gathering and one for crafting,gatherer is lvl 20 and my combat/crafter are lvl 15.

as for preference that depends on the person tbh but id say its pretty close between my hunter and gatherer.


both - you can build a few alts to cover all crafting recipes, but still buy some things before you get there; and even when you get there there is time factor in ability to actually craft everything you want (getting the needed resources etc);


When I can I buy the mising stuff. You can make a fortune even with just fibrinous leafs and other stuff that’s allways needed. Even Sap and base ressources have their price, so if you go out and gather for request baskets you should be able to get what you want. Just advanced coils are quite rare now in stores, but since more and more people get lvled enough for gem mining this hole will be filled as well. And even with them mostly missing in stores you still can make an post in the forum and haggle a good price which also motivates others to sell them to you.

Also, you can work togehter with others. Search a guild, be part of a community, bring you in at what you are good and enjoy the fruits of joint efforts :wink:


Thank you everyone. After reading your comments, alternate characters sounds viable and convenient


I run 7 toons. Miner @ 30, Hunter @21, Tool Crafter @ 24, Tech Crafter @ 18, Surface Resource Collector @ 15, then two more I’m still powerlevelig to 15.


I just have 1 Alt …

Main (Just 35) is Hunter/Gatherer (also Miner in up to tier 3)
Alt (17?) is for crafting

When the Main reaches the second full skill set he will be split into Full Hunter and Full Miner/Gatherer. If he get’s his 3rd full set he will become also a crafter and then the alt is just for guild use (always parked in the workshop)

The Plan for now (finalized at reaching “lvl 150”): …

Skillset 1: Hunter:
Skillset 2: Gatherer/Miner:
Skillset 3: Crafter/Builder:


I honestly just buy it, I sell cheap low level mats and get more than my moneys worth back.


Oh I didn’t think sell low level materials could get more money. I thought the final product would always be mroe expensive.


That is really impressive >.<


I want to do it all on 1 character so i’m just planning to level to 50 and accept I can’t take all skills yet. But i’m a new player so I don’t know if I even can do it all on a single character. Skipping most non crafting epics ofcourse, unless I get enough points.


Kinda have to because there isn’t too many aus players and my coins are going towards advanced coils.


you take a similar approach to me but i use 3 chars,that will end yp being hunter,gatherer/miner,crafter/build with some slight differences (i dont take taxes as its ends up only being 2.5% reduction assuming planets default tax of 10%)