Do you dare to greater maze?

Challenge courageous players. try to reach the second floor, Passing the maze, but beware of traps
you need, grapplinghook 1 and 1 torch

visit us world =Vadvy follow the road =D


I have to try this right now…

Now my life has meaning; to conquer this maze! Hopefully I will find legendary Excalibur or something when (if) I finish the maze.

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The maze has been conquered!

very good. had much difficulty??

used a fail safe technique: always followed the right-hand wall . Probably took me half an hour to an hour to find the door.

amg i loving your maze just found it and it is awesome

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well still havent finished it yet but i will soon enough

This looks interesting. I might have to check this out

Welp there goes my day, I mean how can anyone resist an awesome maze in pyramid form???

Just beat the maze! :slight_smile: Good work

Kirai, I beat your challenge! Well actually Dino Dug did, I cried and quit. Here is the deed proving so.

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OMG that video made me feel soooo sick (motion sickness that is!). Off to lie down.


Yeh those blocks are a bit disorienting.

Jeez, i have yet to see a single soul in the two weeks ive been playing this. Where is everyone hanging out??

We’re all lost in the maze…

Im doing a build on Cshrime right now. Care to join me? im just a little ways away from the capital.

Sorry Gyro I went to bed. Perhaps I will join you sometime soon :smile:

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I am always in lapas but i can visit you for sure love to meet new people in the game

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forgot to ask about what times are ya online?