Do you get xp using someone elses machines?

I have heard two different answers and was curious. If I use another players machine to craft, who gets the xp? The owner of the machine or the person doing the crafting?


The person doing the crafting. Me and my girlfriend share our beacons and have a huge house. We both gain xp using the machines. The person who hits “craft” is the one who gets the xp when it’s done.

ok great I had no practical experience doing this. . (get it practical xp). .


For what it’s worth, I could be wrong but I think you have to travel to the machine to gain the xp. So e.g. if you help a friend start a craft at their house, you’ll need to return after the craft is done to collect the exp (just need to get close-ish to the machine). Not sure if there’s a time limit or anything.