Dodge bomb event sunday sep. 6th 2pm est

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dodge bombs sep. 6th at 2pm est. located at gleambowdia dodge bomb arena, accessible via illn, guardian us east on biitula, autumn dell shopping center, or @keeekeee’s fun ferris!. once you reach the hub, exit and go straight over the ice, then follow the red brick road

keep in mind another arena is in progress so feel free to explore but its not yet playable

rules: teams of 2, only persisting pie for food, no brew, no augments, no grappling, no regen bombing during a match, no blocks, use the bombs given to you, dont blow stuff up when its not your turn, and no double fisting.

bracket style team event, prize TBD (feel free to sponsor)
2 battles. play, switch sides, play again. if a tiebreaker is needed, one person from each team goes on a side and stays on that side while battling both the opponent on their side and the opponent on the other side.
we will also have 2 free for all matches. one will be warmup and one might have a prize to it. during those matches, its last man standing and you can go anywhere as long as you dont stand on the middle line the entire time.

once again, teams of 2. leave a comment on your team and get ready to either bomb or be bombed!

Teams so far (3/8)
Dj and oorteeesha
Orrian and skeletor
lorelie and bethlehem


I will try to make it. Been stuck on overtime for awhile.

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Sweet! Who’s your teammate?

Pssst :wave:


Uh oh

10 char


I will try and make it… I would need a partner tho… mine is on hiatus atm.


Beth says she’ll partner with you :grin:

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I got you @shortyd856

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Me! Imma try to head to the dodge bombs!

just dont forget to bring someone with you!

@Spoodle and @Bethlehem then who shall be your partner? Awe thank you :smile:

Spoodle doesn’t like conflict… eyeroll

Hes really good at dodgebombs but he doesn’t like the pressure Haha

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but the pressure is the whole experience!

Unfortunately I can’t make it to Sunday events, but I hope you all have a ton of fun <3

Need a DJ? :wink:

@diannetea yeah it would be nice if these events weren’t always on Sundays, lol

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Always! As if I’m not one already. Make us a dodge bomb mix! Something intense!

Okay, awesome! I might be able to live stream a mix on YouTube or something, but if not, I’ll pre-record something. I’ll do up-beat/intense electronic music. Any idea how long the event will be?

most of last about 2-3 hours, from what i can tell

still need 5 more teams! you got one more week to sign up folks, one week

I’ll not be able to stay for the entire think got a hunt about 2 hours later.

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